Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Different But Not Different

I'm thinking I should tread lightly with this post - but that's not necessarily my style, is it?

For the first time, I knowingly had sex with someone who reads my blog. Yes, I said knowingly. You kind of have to figure men are covert, deceptive, piggy and such, and some had to know they were having sex with a work-renowned sex blogger, right?

I don't have any kind of following in Greenland, all of China (I blame government censorship) or two-thirds of Africa (which I just blame poverty and no connectivity).

And since this guy knew I was a sex blogger, he also knew I'd be writing about it - right? Right! Eh, he's a big boy, he can take it.

And he is a big boy - pushing 9". .....but let's back up first and let me intro this.

#1 Blogger Fan (allegedly) contacted me any number of years ago and we've been in touch on and off ever since. Besides being a dedicated reader, he gets where I'm coming from on many fronts. After a few years, there isn't much he doesn't know of me.......and trust me, it ain't all pretty. We tried setting him up as a guest-blogger within my site, but he only had two entries.

It's not actually for his lack of sexual experience that has stopped him from writing, but he's not committed to it, I guess. No biggie. It was an experiment and one I would allow him to try again at some point.

Last time I was in his town, I had dinner with him. Just dinner. It was a first time meeting and it went well but did not end in sex - though if anyone had looked out the restaurant windows at just the right time, they would have seen me grab him by the back of the neck and stick my tongue in his mouth while we were in the parking lot, parting ways. He is a very sexy man.

I was back in town and very busy with work, and he was busy as well, but he wanted to see me - and vice versa. The only time I had was right before I left town, and said he could give me a ride to the airport. I might have asked for one. It's not like I needed the ride, that's what expense reports are for.

And when I say he wanted to "see" me, that's what I took it for. Time was limited and our last encounter ended in a kiss. I had no expectations. Hopes, sure - but not expectations.

He picked me up at my hotel and off we went. He wanted to show me his house and I was wanting to see it. Four floors of goodness. We started off on the main floor and when we went into the basement I was more hopeful, but then it was on to the other levels. Oh well.

However, once we completed the tour on the fourth level and just chatting about storage, he just turned to me and in a low guttural voice said, "get on your fuckin' knees - now!". I complied.

The thing about "Lou" is, he can go from nice guy to sex pig in 0.002 seconds flat - without missing a beat.

I gnawed at his crotch for only a little bit and went for his belt. I hadn't seen a belt buckle like that since I had been in cub scouts and it was part of my uniform, but I managed without his assistance. "Yeah, you know how to work all belts, don't you pig?" came from his mouth. I'm sure I smiled knowing that I did.

I opened his pants and out it plopped. Lou says he's 9", and he just might be - he's at least very close. Hell, if he is 9", it is 9" around! That boy is gifted in girth! The length ain't too shabby either, I must say.

He stood before me feeding me dick - big dick. As I've said before, I do so much better with a larger cock than a smaller or medium one. For some reason, I have no issue taking it to the back of my throat with zero gag reflex, even when he holds on to the back of my head and pumps. I actually do gag on smaller dicks - why is that? Lou says its because (and no offense, he preempted) I've got a wide mouth.

"Oh yeah, you're just as good as everyone says you are".

I'm sure what he meant was, I'm as good as I say everyone says I am - that is unless he's been contacting my unnamed tricks these last few years/decades, which oddly wouldn't surprise me all that much.

"Look up here". I did, cock still in mouth. He snapped a pic with his phone.

"This is for your blog"

Yeah - he knew I was gonna write about this!!

You can definitely see how wide he is, but it doesn't quite show you how long he is, or the curve that goes with it. It is a beautiful piece of meat. That's what it is, but that's how he treated me - to a degree.

At some point he sat down in a chair and I crawled between his legs and just sucked away. I started to forget about time or that damned flight I had to catch. I had to get him off.

This is a man who performs acts of self-love at least three times per day, so not knowing he would actually be meeting up with me had taken care of 'business' twice already before 3p. And as much as I would have liked to have taken care of it orally without any hand manipulation - his or mine - with my time constraints, there had to be a little help.

While he took matters into his hands for a moment, BikeGuy Jr. needed to be released from his jeans. It was too uncomfortable kneeling there with that tent. I stood up to unleash him and Lou seemed duly impressed. He commented at one point that the pictures didn't really lie or do it justice.

Oh, and Lou is not a bad cocksucker himself, though he didn't get my prize. Timing and priorities, ya know.

And the priority was getting him to ejaculate. Before going back to my knees, I leaned over and kissed him and kissed him hard. I'm 90% sure that got him harder and much closer to my goal. His goal too.

I was back on my knees sucking while he helped stroke it. Somewhere in there he muttered about next time it would be buried up my ass while I bit the pillow. NICE! Made me even harder.

The talk, the action, the kiss all took us where we wanted to go. Our not so final destination. That will be another visit. But Lou popped off a nice sized load - be it his first or third of the day. I held it in my mouth before swallowing, but looking up at him as I did it.

I pulled off....eventually....and then stood up and said, "now, take me to the airport!!!!".

Lou pulled himself together while I went down and waited in the kitchen. By the time he got there, I showed him what I had just typed into my iPhone:

"Here's what I just sent to 806 of my closest Twitter followers". He slyly smiled, and then drove me to the airport.

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