Friday, November 05, 2010

BikeGuy Top

After a killer week of work, I needed to blow off some steam.

I had ideas of what I wanted to do, what I thought I needed: that was to be placed on my knees or bent over. Either way I would have been a happy man. Alas, plans change.

I was traveling and finally nearing home and opted to throw my suit coat in my back seat and head into an adult bookstore. Surely there, at the end of most people’s work day, I’d find what I needed/wanted.

Not a lot of cars, in the lot, but enough.

Inside it was not a pretty scene. Folks old enough to my grandpa, others just too obese (not large, but obese) to even consider. That’s my thing. We all have types and that’s not mine.

I went into a booth and hung out watching bad porn. This guy comes by who wants to suck my dick - or so he says. I didn't quite recognize him at first, but like so many people there, a pattern emerges of timing and behavior. I nodded. Down he went.

When after doing an ok suck job, he looked up from between my legs, he said he'd take it up the ass if I wanted him to. That is when I remembered hooking up with him before.

Silently, I signaled him to stand up and turn around. He did as told. He was tight. More to the point, I was thick and he hadn't put enough spit onto my shaft or his hole.

He pulled off a few times to relubricate my dick for his hole. He was still having a little trouble adjusting but he managed. I helped him manage. With my hand on the back of his neck, I pushed him over a bit and his head into the wall and told him to 'shut the fuck up and take it'. He did.

I mostly did that for the guy who appeared at the open booth door to watch. He was a built black man that I had played with in the past, but for right now, he was watching. But he didn't stay.

The guy I was boning told me to 'pound my hole', so I did. Unfortunately, I get carried away sometimes - and clearly I was working out some aggression. But hey, he asked. I further held him to the wall, but it got him too excited and I knew what was about to happen - and I knew what the aftermath would be.

I told him to get his hand off his cock, and tried to smack it away, but he did not listen of comply.

He came. ...and I knew what he'd be done with me once he was done w/his orgasm.

I called him a 'stupid fuck' and told him to get out.

I had to go wash my dick, because even though he looked clean and all, it had ass smell all over it.

After that was done, I walked around some more but had not shaken my top-like mood that I somehow got in. That is not what I walked in the door with. Oh well, I went with it. Sometimes you just have to.

Now into another booth I sat and watched one of the few other non-AARP card carrying members in the place take the one across from me. I'd say he was late 20s, maybe early 30s. Great head of hair and a full beard - and you could tell, a total cocksucker. I let him come over.

Down he went too. He did a much better job at sucking than the last guy, but he could use some coaching. I let him work on me for a bit and we had the occasional guy come by for a gander, but most I waved on. ....then came the black guy again.

He stood. I didn't wave him on. He pulled out his pud to work on. At some point I pulled my cocksucker off me spun his head around and pushed it down on our new friend. Both guys were way into the scene. It worked for me.

The black guy was nicely vocal about 'the cocksucker' and the cocksucker reacted as appropriately as possible with a mouth full of chocolate dick.

The guy on his knees went back and forth for a few minutes until the black guy was ready to unload. There were a few exchanges between the two of us, about how close he was, what he was gonna do with it, how big of a load he know the drill.

I leaned down to the cocksucker and said in his ear, "you WILL swallow every drop". And he did. The black guy really talked him through it but never got all "I'm cumming" about it, but you knew he was. Actually, that was hot. At least to me.

The black guy then turned the cocksucker my way for me to finish off. I loved he didn't leave and stayed until I had done my deed.

There was more exchange between the two of us which took me to the edge. Yeah, I told them all I had a big load and I was gonna choke the guy. Basically I did too.

I held him down tight and blasted off. And kept blasting. Hey, I shoot big.

He kept up with the flow........for a while. Then he struggled. He pulled back, or tried to, so he could accommodate the volume of sperm.

I muttered a few things, like that I wasn't done yet and to keep on taking it.....and the black guy was totally eating it up. You could tell through his smirk.

I made the sucker clean me off and then I tucked in, walked past them off and walked out. I was done.


BlkJack said...

Great post! Loved that you made the cocksucker take you & the black guy. You need a sex vacation in San Francisco!

Trey said...

I have got to see this shit with my own eyes someday. It just seems so incredible. I'm trying to get my hubby to take me to a bookstore but I'll be damned if we can find one anywhere in our area.