Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Columbus - Better than the Night Before

42, 5 10, 6.5-7 cut, mod hairy with short dark hair and eyes, was how his response to my CL ad read.

Having had lived in this city umpteen billion years ago it seems, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Especially the people.

The guy didn't have enough brains to create an email account that didn't include his entire real name. One I recognized. One I knew of (but not knew) when I lived here oh so many years ago. A quick search brought up info on him and an image confirming it was who I thought it might be.

Maybe he does have brains and just doesn't give a shit what anyone thinks. I certainly have more respect for him if that were true.

I had alluded to my like for having my chest played with and how that got me into trouble. He took all the right signals of what that could mean for him and went with it. Not the best looker, but he was smart.

He came over when he said he would and came up right behind me and rubbed my nipples through my t-shirt ever so gently. Perfect.

The guy knew how to use those hands too and soon he could have done anything to me. But we all know what that 'anything' was.

There was a little sucking but not a lot - on either of our parts. We got right down to business. He had this to work with, which actually was nicer than he described.

We got down to some serious fucking. Almost all positions.

This was an ok day/morning but not a warm one. The guy sweated like no one's business. He was dripping all over me, be it on my back or front - depending on if I were on my back or bent over. We did it all.

It wasn't a short fuck....maybe 40 minutes. He took his time and I let him. I was in no rush to go anywhere and he was doing an admirable job.

I'm not sure why but at the last second he pulled out and shot all over me. I guess it can be kind of hot, but I was not sure of the rationale for it all. It seems like a waste to me, but that's me. We all have our likes and dislikes.

There was no heartfelt goodbyes. He just pulled on his jeans and walked out the door. I beat off and checked out of the hotel.



Brad said...

After having it happen a few times where a guy will fuck me bb but then pull out when he cums (such a waste!) I always make it clear where I want his sperm. I tell him either before or during the fuck I want his seed deep in me. I don't get these guys who will fuck bb and then pull out.

Trey Tomorrow said...

I wonder if he recognized you?

cb said...

What a waste of good cum.