Saturday, November 13, 2010

Columbus Fail

35, 5'11,193 lbs,don't worry gentlemen its all muscle.

So said his Manhunt ad. It also said he was all bottom. But my ad pretty much says the same thing - so why would he contact me?

He did have a great body.

...and he wanted to suck me. But his ad said he wanted to take it up the ass. I kind of relented - partially in hopes of maybe he'd use his big dick on me instead.

And you don't have to tell me - I hate when guys try that switcheroo with me, yet here I was doing it for the same scam. Guilty as charged.

It turns out I shouldn't have bothered.

He did show up, though 40 minutes late. I had already turned out the lights and gone to bed in my hotel room. He looked ok, but not nearly as good as his pics. He was way worn out - tired, haggard and just iffy.

He sucked ok, but I wasn't really into it. It turns out what he really wanted was for me to tail him. I tried, but you know me - I wasn't great at it. I got it in, and out - a few times....but I couldn't keep stiff enough to make it happen. We tried a number of positions.

He went down to suck me than to eat my ass. He was ok at it, but nothing great. He was way too everything.

That is when I realized he was probably tweaked and just a little too high to do anything. He couldn't keep his dick hard either though he furiously beat off enough to stand up and cum right on my asshole that he was just eating.

Well some went on my ass, the rest dripped down onto the bed that I had to sleep in that night.

I was ok to see him go. A wasted opportunity, I suppose....for both of us.

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