Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hot Married Cheater

5'9" 175 very athletic 42 married read his response to my CL ad. He was seemingly all of those things. ...that and a nice 7" dick.

To say he is a serial cheater is like saying I'm celibate.

He's married, has a girlfriend and has a regular cocksucker. How he found even 20 minutes for me is impressive. He even put me off once because his girlfriend texted him and wanted to get fucked. He obliged..........then came over.

"Brian" told me he fucked his girlfriend an hour or so before he came over and hadn't washed up. I told him not to.

Yes, I went down on him with this girl-dipped dick. It wasn't horrible by any means. And fuck man - he was hard (again) and into it, so why shouldn't I have just gone with it? So I did.

I love guys who are this sexual. Whether it is addiction or not, I don't know, but the guys who need this much attention are so into it, it is borderline hot and perverted. Neither are a bad thing.

He stood in my hotel room with his pants unzipped and unbuckled. The opening was butterflied almost - the pants were never dropped, just enough to expose his cock, bush and to pull out his balls.

It was a nice meaty 7", just like he said. I could see why his wife, gf and cocksucker liked it. I could see why he was always in need. But that was more his brain than his rod.

He stood there trying to demean me with nasty names. It was hot, but if he thinks he was getting to me mentally that way, that train has long left the station. It is more of a turn on to me than verbal abuse.....but fuck, like I said, it turned him on and me.

He was rock hard too. Again, impressive since he had just did the deed. I had to work at it a little harder, but I was into it, he was into it, we were going to make it succeed.

Part was him standing there letting me work my mouth and tongue in expert fashion. Some of it was him gripping my head and fucking my face. I'm good with both of those methods.

The closer he got, the harder he got and the more verbal he got. All turn-ons.

I can't say his load was plentiful when he popped in my mouth, but really I wasn't expecting him too. As much as he plays, how much juice could be in those bags at any one time?

Like with his gf fuck, he just tucked back in without cleaning himself off. I think he goes around trying to smell like sex. Maybe that's what keeps him going.

I'd do him again for sure....maybe though on a day he doesn't do it with someone else. I'll let someone else have sloppy seconds.......or thirds.


cb said...

I do love the married players! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Cialis is awesome stuff.

Every man is a superman.

Gotta get me some.