Monday, September 05, 2011

The Art of On-Line Hook-Ups

It is really not an art, sometimes it is mostly luck, but there is some skill involved - and this is not really a sex post, other than I'm going to post a dick pic of some other guy.

For those of us who attempt to make arrangements, I just have to share a little exchange between me and some guy who contacted me. Read that last part again: he. contacted. me.

TC: what's up stud?

me: Hang w friends. Headed to lunch in a bit then. But love a guy w thick cock

TC: love a hot bottom ..

me: Nice!!!! Have to head back to Cleveland later, but.....

TC: hit me up later ..

me: So?

TC: I might be wasting your time .. I'm not really sure I want to hook up .. definitely interested though ..

"Not sure I want to hook up, but definitely interested" ??? Clearly you're not. ...and now you are wasting my time.

Normally I don't care too too much about the ones that got away, but he was of a good age, right height, athletic and he had this going for him.

Isn't this just the kind of thing I am here for?

So with all the right things in place, save a little bit of immediate timing (those guys who say must do this "RIGHT NOW!!!"), things fall apart...assuming they were ever really coming together in the first place and he just didn't want locked pics to be unlocked for whatever purpose.

I should be used to it, but sometimes............

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Anonymous said...

lol i was in cleveland yesterday. Scruff was blowing up.