Friday, October 12, 2012

Cum & Go

He had had a bad day.

Work wasn't going right. Bank was fucking things up for him. He got a speeding ticket, which set him back $150.  ...and he was horny.

He needed something to take his mind off his bad day. He needed a distraction. He needed to get off.

I was the brief relief.

Early 40s, 5'10", maybe 180. The guy had a shorn head and a well trimmed salt & pepper beard. He seemed soft spoken at first - and at times during - but overall, he became somewhat dominant, demanding, verbal and well, he was a man in need who had a bad day.

He immediately pushed me to my knees. I went willingly, of course.

I sucked his smallish cock, which was still semi-hard. After fully getting it up, he was a respectable 6.5" and not really wide girth.  But that is not to matter. He had needs. I had needs. I was there to fulfill his. He didn't really care if he fulfilled mine.

Sucking was not true foreplay. He made it clear he wanted to pump, dump & go.

First it was me bent over a desk. He went right in, no easing, no testing the waters. He plunged right in, all the way in.

Going by his groans and words, it seemed to be just what he needed and he liked. For me, it was fucking heaven. Pressed between the desk and his cock, I had nowhere to go other than where he wanted me. We were both where we wanted to be.

I won't say the angle was great, mostly for him. As he was 4-5" shorter than I was, there was only so far I could bend over that desk.  The 30" height left us limited in his leverage and the power he wanted to exert.

At first, he pulled out and sat in a chair. I went down to suck him, but he really wanted me to sit on his lap and take the cock. The way the arms of the office chair were, that wasn't going to down on the floor I went, shoulders down; ass up.

This worked much better for him and invariably, much better for me.

The man was merciless in his fuck.

Don't get me wrong, I loved it, but he wasn't carrying if I did, or if I even liked it or thought it felt good. This was about fucking, cumming and going. I knew that when we first conversed on-line.

Ten minutes later, his breathing was telling me we were nearing the end. Sure enough, he howled and spewed his load deep into my ass.

He stayed in, I stayed down, and we let time and nature have him deflate and slide out of me.  No abrupt pulling out, more chance of his load staying in me, than being pulled back with his withdraw.

The guy moved around and I leaned up and licked him clean.  He threw on his pants and shirt and was gone five minutes later.

Cum, Blow & Go.  All according to plan.

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