Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Piss & Moan

He claimed to be mixed race, but if he was, then I'm full-on hispanic. Still he had a nice body.  5"11", 170, 8.5 thick thick inches.  ...but I'm ahead of myself.

I was in a seaside California town, keeping eastern daylight hours, so I was wide awake at 03:00.  What to do when you don't even have to be at breakfast until 09:00?

Look on-line for cock.  That's what. 

Jared was awake and looking also...and one-half mile from my hotel.  I was worried he'd be all chat, as he liked to tease and just drop subtle hints via Scruff.  I wasn't there to flirt. It was now 03:30 - this wasn't flirt time, this was play time.

The good thing with Jared was, he was just getting up too. So many at that time are still up hitting the pipe or slamming, and that doesn't do it for me.....or being with guys like that.  I thought since I had the hotel room, he'd come to me, but he had dogs and they'd howl and wake his roommate if he left.  Half a mile, what did I care, I got in the car and went.

I found the house with little trouble and was in the door and in his room in a matter of minutes. His pics did not lie and actually he was better looking in person.  ...and he had to piss.  He'd been holding it until I got there.

We hadn't discussed piss, but I was in a mood and I was game. Into his bathroom he went.

He played with my tits a bit and then got my on my knees, like a good boy.

It took him a minute, but it seemed longer. While not pee shy, he had to work up to start the stream. It was a nice steady, warm stream too. It went on for a long time and then of course it started to get stronger and stronger, in volume, pressure and smell.  ..and taste.

I "let" him piss on my chest and I then positioned myself so it hit my face, my beard, my lips, and then tongue. Overall I'm not a piss drinker, but as soon it was over, I immediately regretted not taking some of it to show him what a good boy I could be.

But I stayed on my knees and took him in my mouth for other fluids. His cock filled out and it was a nice heavy piece of equipment. I did a good job sucking him, if his vocal responses were any indication - and I certainly liked having that cock in my mouth.

At some point he thought he'd fuck me - which I was down with. I told him I hadn't prepped, but he didn't care. If he didn't, I didn't.

..and while he tried, he couldn't keep that big rod filled with blood to make it worth our while at four in the morning. I don't think he liked his straight roommate was somewhere asleep in the house, but fuck, don't invite me over then.

No worries, I went right back to my knees. I tasted lube and my ass and still went down on him. He seemed to respond to the lips and tongue and in 10 minutes he was feeding me a load. Granted, it was not a big load, or even one with a lot of flavor, but getting a hot man off like that was what it was about.

As we I was standing up, he asked if I wanted a towel to shower.  Fuck that.  I grabbed my shirt and pants - I was going to stride back into that hotel before dawn, with dried piss over me, sweat and a load on my breath.

And I did. 

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Bear Mark said...

Smelling of piss, cum, and sweat is always the best way to head home for the night or morning! Thanks for the hot story.