Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dead and Alive

He was in traveling through town.  That's odd, as I am usually the one one the road and hooking up with out-of-towners.  Now he was taking my role - in more ways than one. Ok, in one important way.

I'll call him SP.

He has followed me on my blog for years, and yes, he gave me advanced warning he would be in town. And yes, I made certain accommodations to see him.

I met up with him, since at the time he didn't have transportation. Hormones were high and I was sexually excited, as was he - or at least so it seemed. I found an out of the way place to park and he went down on me. SP did a nice job.

I reciprocated on his nice cock, and he seemed to appreciate my talents.

Now, during my blog and twitter times, now and again I show a picture of my dick. It's a nice dick, if I say so myself. If I had a dollar for each time another bottom told me what I had between my legs was "a waste" (since I'd rather bottom), I'd be a fairly wealthy man.  Those comments no longer bother me, if they ever did.

That said, I am a bottom 98.8% of the time. Any time I've blogged about topping, well, those are all the times I've topped. It's not like I've left any of them out......and out of almost 500 posts, we're talking single digit entries.

I am a bottom.

But so is SP.  And he saw those pics of my meat and he wanted it - and told me so, repeatedly.  Somehow, I kind of wanted to give it to him, but you know me, I wasn't sure I was "up" for the task.  Even if I could get hard, could I stay that way? It's always been a problem for me, more mental than physical.  ....and I wasn't willing to get an ED drug for a singular fuck.

SP was very nice and said I could just jack off and push it up his hole at the last minute to get the load, but what fun is that - for either of us?  None.  Zilch.

Yet, SP excited me and I was pretty fucking hard with no outside help. The question was, where to go?

We talked about a seedy motel and I knew of one or two. We thought we'd split it, but somewhere in me, I'm thinking it was a lot of money for 15-30 minute event. I wouldn't last long, if at all, and we both had places to be.

Just then I got an hair-brained idea, but one I thought would work. I can't say SP was quite on board with it.

Right between motel 1 and motel 2 was a very very large cemetery.

I'd never been in it, but passed it hundreds of times as it was near a bookstore I used to frequent before they tore it down. Too many wrong-doings in that building I suppose.

Yes, the idea I came up with was to fuck in a cemetery.  Not out in the open, but in the bathroom.

For those unfamiliar with the bathrooms there, most burial sites have a men's and women's room not in the main building but back where they keep the tractors and backhoes - the maintenance shed.  Don't ask why I know this, I just do.

No one but workers around, so off we went.  SP was much more nervous than I.  But I get turned on by public and semi-public sexual acts. This actually helped with me maintaining my hard-on.

In the bathroom was one large stall and one urinal.  The stall locked, so in we went. SP was not so sure of this, but my confidence helped him through it.

He got down and sucked my dick and got me hard and wet.  I told him to pull down his fucking pants. He hesitated.

"Do it!", I said.

I've been around enough tops to talk the talk. The pants went down and he bent over, like a good boy.

I lined up with just his spit, but he insisted it wasn't enough and asked me to spit on my own cock. I hit the target like a pro and pushed in.

SP grimaced a little, and rightfully so. I am a little thick and I won't claim to have the most finesse or technique. I also didn't have time on my side. Now or never, baby.

"It hurts", I was told.  I told him to shut up and take it. I know from his past, he can take dick much bigger than my own.

His ass felt great, but I wasn't taking anyone's cherry. He knew what he wanted, he knew I was going to give it to him. Maybe somewhere, he thought I would just jack off and cum, since I wasn't built to top per se.  But here I was, at full mast and pushing in and pulling back like I was used to it all my life.

The hole felt great. Warmth and resistance. A place for a deposit.

Yeah, we could hear workers on the other side of the cinder block walls, but I wasn't too worried. Yeah, we  heard someone flush on the woman's side too, but again, it didn't stop me or slow me down, though we both kept our verbals to a minimum - which I hate to do while having sex............but you gotta do what you gotta do.

He begged for my cum and of course the irony is, I was fully hard and could have fucked for another 30 minutes. But it is public sex and one doesn't have those kind of luxuries. SP was a little nervous about someone walking in, at least that's my take and it's legitimate. There were few barriers from the entrance to the stall, no chance to hide quickly (i.e., someone standing on the toilet seat; only showing one set of feet in the stall).

I quickened my pace and focused on the task at hand.....or in ass.  And I shot.

I shot a three day load into his guts and he took it like a champ.  I stayed in until I was all done and he kept it there.

I was ok to go, but he told me to suck his cock off.  I wasn't quite expecting that.  You know how guys are - once they cum, they can be done.  And I figured, I was the top this time, I didn't have to, but he really pressed it.

He stroked and as I was bending down to take it, he was getting ready to pump his nut off.  I took it all like a good cocksucker.  Oddly enough, that's what I ended up being after all my bravado of topping. I still took the load like I always do.

I buttoned up and told him I'd meet him outside by the car and walked out the door.

I just was looking at the graves so close to the bathrooms.  If they only knew what went on a few feet from their eternal space.

I dropped SP off to do whatever he was to do - and all with my little swimmers in him.


Jim Phoenix said...

Damn. Best story I've read in a long time. Seems appropriate you post your cock pic again -- he's the hero of the story, after all.

Explorer Jack said...

Cool story. Great read.