Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bookstore 1

I was bored. It was raining. I went to an adult bookstore.

I was hoping others had the same idea, but it was kind of dead there. I've never understood this place. I'm not a half-bad looking guy, but the guys on my level or above tend to hook-up with the much older or the much skeevier.

Everyone has their own tastes and I know places like this allow you to delve into environments you might not do in the light of day. I get that.

So I was wandering around when a shorter, but somewhat attractive man passed me in the hall and purposefully brushed my crotch.  He wasn't hard on the eyes, but only 5'5" - maybe. Much shorter than I'd normally consider. He went into a booth, I followed.

As he leans against the wall, I walk in and he fondles himself. It's a nice package. I can tell through his jeans.

He pops the buttons and I see how nice. Between 9-10". Fat. Maybe 6" around.  It hangs, but you have to figure it takes a LOT of blood to fill that and make it super erect.

Going to my knees, I can't help but to take it in my mouth. It easily fills me up and then some.  Still, at this state, 75% hard, I can still take it all the way to the root.  He seems impressed.

I suck for a while and also work his nuts. Guys peek their heads in and check us out - one guy for a while feeling us both. The intruder turns me around to show both of them my ass.  The big dicked man rubs his penis on my cheeks. I want it.

I go back to my knees. I work the dick. I want the dick.  I tell him it's a "porn-worthy cock". He looks down on me, telling me he's made 22 bareback films.  I bone up.

I ask if he wants to fuck me,  he says yes, but not here, not now.

He makes me stand and jack for him.  He sucks me a little.  He tells me my cock is nice too. It is, but comparatively, it is not.

He is excited as I show off for him and he likes showing off for me.  He announces he is going to cum.

I drop to my knees, the first shot hits the floor.  The second my beard.  The third and additional ones in my mouth.  The amount of cum is amazing.  I have a huge wad on my face, a great splash on the floor and a good amount now in my belly.

He wants me to shoot, but I'm not ready....and I just got there.

He has my number. I have his.  He will be fucking me.


BlkJack said...

I too don't get when I'm passes over for someone older or a little of shape. Happened to me twice on Monday. I figure I was being saved from a horrible sexual experience. Now, if you ever want me to fuck you, i would be game for it.

Anonymous said...

It's all about "rejection". Nothing is more devastating that having a guy on your level reject you at the seediest place on earth.

So guys go for the easy "win".