Friday, October 04, 2013

4 Times

The cock was 7.5"...maybe a bit longer. It was thick. It was slightly curved upwards.  I looked 'exactly' like this....

Maybe because it was the exact same cock.

He found me on A4A, but he was 30 miles away.  I kind of dismissed him after he reached out to me and I saw the distance. Yet he was persistent.  Very persistent.  ...and fuck if he didn't say all the right things.

45, 5'9, 180.  A decent build, but not great.  It was more his cock, his attitude, his cockiness that appealed to me.  Doesn't it always go that way when it comes to my preferences?

The apt was nice, but the bedroom was cramped and dark.  It didn't matter - soon I was on my knees deepthroating that fucking shaft, all the way to the balls.  He sipped his coffee while I did that. Engaged, yet detached.  A nice combo.

Within minutes we were on his bed. Or futon. It wasn't comfortable, but I wasn't there for comfort exactly.

He said he was an expert at getting his cock into an ass, and he was good. I might have undersold my experience, but he didn't need to know that. I've had a few up there, even his size.

I blossom for him, he sinks in. He bottoms out. He starts moving. All on his timetable, not mine.

If I am comfortable, or not, is not his concern. He moves at his pace, and that is a driving, motion that pulls back and dives forward. Drives forward.

My head hits against the cement wall - time and again.  Moving pillows behind it helps for about six thrusts then it is back to scalp on cement.  Oddly I am more ok with this than he is, but it's not my bedroom.

He sweats. A lot.  I'm guessing he's lost two liters in the two hours I'm eventually there - and most of it falls onto me, as I will always be below him.

The fucker plays with my nipples, which I know, and now he does, that my ass spasms around his buried cock. It also makes me weak. Weaker.  I'm already in a vulnerable position, but that's ok, I've put myself here.  He had something to do with it, but not most of it.

He wants to kiss.  I do not, but he insists and I'm in little position to argue.  His lips hit mine.

He likes the banter - about how much he likes to fuck.  How he'd never come in me without my permission. I know he's lying, but I can play that game.  I tell him, no matter what, to pull out of me before ejaculation. He changes the subject, to absolve himself of what will happen.

The first time - it is an hour. He barely loses rigidity even when he has to take a slight break. After he's back in, he's at full mast.  The fucking continues.  It feels good.  He finally "promises me" he won't cum in me.   That is, until he does.

His eyes close, his head goes slightly back and he makes those noises that don't actually form words. I can't feel the semen, but I feel every twitch of his cock.   The fuck has been an hour.

He stays in. He moves his dick to make sure his load goes deeper. I push back against his shaft. Clearly, I'm helping.

He doesn't withdraw.  He starts pumping. Harder this time.

"You want another load?"  

When I arrived he told me he could give me two, possibly three.  But after an hour with the first, I was kind of out of time....or close to it.  He ignored my thought of needing to leave.  He pushed forward.............and pulled back.   And repeat.

In 10 minutes, he was depositing load number two up my ass.  

He's taken his cock out and kissing me again.  He's still hard. Maybe he took ED pills before my arrival. Maybe he's like this. I don't know.

He tells me I have an invitation to come back - and he's put both invites up my ass.  He's rubbing my leg with his cock.  His still hard cock.

He slips a finger in my hole to make sure nothing is leaking out.  He's impressed with the grip I have that none of his seed is escaping.  I knew it wouldn't.  He replaces his finger with his cock - pushing his load deeper.

The pushing of the load becomes another round of fucking.  HARD fucking. My head is really hitting the wall.  His downstairs neighbors must hate him....or be in awe.  One of the two.  In another 7-10 minutes load three goes into me.

I can not tell the amount from 1, 2 or 3.  Does it matter?  It's all in there. Mixing.

He's out of me again.  We are at the absolute limit of time - I had had had to leave.  He had to work. But he's still fucking hard.  He's wiping his fucking dripping body with a towel, it seems to do little good.

He doesn't care about the time at this point - and I'm caring less.  "Pull your legs back".  I comply.  I've come this far - why not keep going?

For another 15 minutes he fucks me.  I think he couldn't possibly shoot again, yet he does.  The FOURTH time.

Maybe at this point he was shooting blanks - I have no idea.  But he was orgasming.  You could see it in his face and his body tensing.

He pulls out and stands next to the bed. He wasn't the only one tensed.  My legs were trembling involuntarily.  We had just hit hour #2.  My ass was sore - or at least tender.  He had been tenderizing it, making the tissue swell inside, for over 120 minutes, almost non-stop.

Again, he "claims" to not have actually cum in me.  He's back on that smart-ass kind of back and forth. He waves his cock 18 or so inches from my face to say, it's slick but it's not cum.  ...and if I wanted to make sure, I could get closer.

So I got closer.  And closer.  Soon my mouth was wrapped around the head.  Then further down the shaft.  Then down to the balls.

Yes, when you got to the base, it kind of had a hint of ass smell on the dick. I told him it didn't taste like ass. I told him it didn't taste like cum either.  He kept up the pretense then it must never actually happened.

However, the next morning, I ended up losing his loads, as I clearly held onto them for about 16 hours.

When I mentioned that to him via text, he told me they must have been someone else's and that I was  faggot for letting a guy shoot up my ass.     Nice touch.

I have been invited back, and while it's a long drive, I just might take him up on it.  Possibly next week.


Anonymous said...

i love your account and description . . you meet up with the most amazing people and have the most exhilarating experiences and encounters . . a man to be envied for sure. (michael g.b.)

Anonymous said...

I don't know who has more stamina, him or you.
I'd love to get my ass meat "tenderized" for 2 hours/4 loads, give or take.
All your blog posts are great reads. Glad you are still at it. Bob