Wednesday, October 30, 2013


The Scruff profile was rather unassuming.  I noticed it for two reasons:

1. He had viewed me first, so I saw that in my list
2. He was a new face. Let's face it, if you're a non-paying member and looking at 'near by' you see the same fucking 40 faces  - unless you live in NYC, Los Angeles or Chicago.

The face was just as unassuming as his profile, and for the uneducated, as he talks about 'chatting' and 'other encounters'.  His partner also has to like you.  So - 3 ways.

But he was from New York, so he was visiting and I'm guessing no partner - which I was correct. He asked about Cleveland and getting around - somewhere along the line, I put in a piggy face, like this :@) and then we were off to the races.

He liked nipple play and asked if I did.  As you know, I told him I liked it light and gave aways my "secret" that most things could happen if someone did that.

He had taken me for, in his words, a 'bitch bottom'.  I couldn't really argue. He wondered when I could get to this hotel room and we agreed upon a time.

He had a suite. HUGE room, with separate bedroom. He opened the door and stood 6'3" and maybe 160lbs. His face was much more handsome than it appeared in the profile image  - something I would later tell him. But the face looked nice and inviting and it threw me from some more of the app chat where he wanted me to suck his cock and he was somewhat dom.

I was brought back to reality quickly when there was no 'hello' or friendly conversation - as his face would suggest - and his hands went right to my shoulders and forcibly pushed me to my knees.

...and so it began.

I gnawed and worshiped his dick through his jeans. I went right into sub mode, knowing most things to do and what not to say and more importantly, when not to say it.

Since it was a suite, there was quite a bit more furniture than a standard hotel room. We'd eventually get to most of the pieces, except the bedroom.

He went to undo his belt, and I said I would take care of that.  I shouldn't have said it.  He told me to lift my hands behind my head, he pulled my t-shirt up and to the back of my head, essentially binding my hands in place with my own clothing.  Then he proceeded to fuck my face.

This wasn't what faux tops do - a few hard pumps and then relent into letting some guy just suck - no, he was fucking my face, like a machine.  Deep, hard, continual. There was no let up. None.  There was no finesse. None.  There wasn't meant to be.  I was being put in my place as an object.

I was on my knees and bound by my t-shirt when he hauled me up by my armpits. Ignoring, not forgetting, my desire for light nipple play, he grabbed my tits with all his might.  It hurt, no doubt, but I was wise enough not to say 'ouch' or 'stop'.  I'm sure he saw the pain in my face.

It was while I was on my knees that that got my first face smack. He wasn't testing the waters to see how hard I could take it, he just went at it, a few times actually....all on the left side of my face.

He moved farther south to my chest and abs, but they weren't slaps as much as they were punches. I thought at this point he'd hit harder but he didn't.  Yet.  Don't get me wrong, I knew I was being punched, but nothing I couldn't handle at this point.

He then moved me over in front of the full length mirror.  I assumed he wanted to see himself fuck my mouth.  Wrong!

He pushed me face first into the mirror with him right behind me. I knew he wasn't planning on fucking me - at least then - but he was exposed and pushing near my ass and into the mirror, hard enough where it had the potential to shatter. All the while, he'd reach around and lightly play with my nipples.

He turned me around so my back was to the mirror.  "Undress" was the directive.  I had to get my pants, shoes, socks and boxers off without the use of my hands.  It wasn't easy, but doable.  Then I was to do him as well.  That was a little more challenging, but soon we were both naked.

More cocksucking while he lightly played with my nipples, though once in a while it'd be slightly harder. More slapping.  More punching.

He had me crawl behind him until he got to a chair. There he put up his feet on the ottoman and had me sit there, looking at him, my mouth to be open at all times and hands on the back of my head.

"Don't swallow" was his directive.  The pool of saliva started to build.  He knew what he was doing.  It began to run out of my mouth, down into my beard and off my chin. You could see he liked it.

What I was also able to see was that for a man of few words and a seemingly pleasant face, his eyes were grey, but there was a darkness behind them that didn't impede color.  The eyes were intense and said everything even if his mouth uttered not a word.

Now and then, he'd reach up and smear my own spit into my beard or use it to lube his hand to stroke his own cock as he watched me intently. I swear at this time, I never saw his eyes blink as he took in everything he was doing, everything to which I was reacting and how he could all make it work to his advantage.

I was ordered to lick from the toes, all the way up his body. I put my mouth to work on all his toes, even trying to get them all into my mouth at once, though I was not successful. But I did work up his body - legs, mid section, abs, chest, nipples, arm pits, arms.  He pushed me away when I worked at his head. All the while my hand stayed clasped behind my head.

All the while he would play a bit with my nipples.

He stood up and walked away, bending over a small table in the room.  I was told to crawl to him and eat his ass.  Of course I did - that is one of my favorite things. I kissed it first.  I licked the outside of the hole. I licked it in circles.  Then I stuck my tongue in deep.  Clearly he had just showered, though he didn't taste like soap.  That went on for about 10 minutes.

Once again I was pulled up, slapped, punched and moved towards one of the many large windows, as this was an older, established hotel.  I was pressed face / chest / cock first into the window for anyone who wanted to look up five stories to see.  The road below was busy with pedestrians. He was hoping someone would see and I did too.

He leaned into my ear and said, "I don't know if you're a bitch boy, an exhibitionist or just want to please me".  I replied, "all three, Sir".

He let me go and walked away.  I knew deep down not to move.  I stayed in front of the window with my arms still behind my head.

I heard him approach from behind me, he had brought a black leather belt with him, which went around my neck. He fastened it so that it basically became both a collar and a leash. I got down on all fours and he "walked" me to another chair where I orally serviced his cock.

He tightened the collar / belt at my neck. He looked at me with intensity and a little warmth. "You have to trust me.  I don't want you not breathing".  I said nothing, with my silence giving my permission.

More open palmed hands to my face.  More punches to my gut.  More nipple play. And even his nails going into my sides and being dragged upwards.

He removed the belt and used it to bind my hands behind my head. There he moved me to yet another chair, had me kneel on it and bend over the back of it. I thought for sure he would fuck me, but still this did not happen. It turns out he didn't know me well enough to penetrate me that way.

It did not stop him from teasing me with his hard 7" at my back door.  He even reached around to touch my dick.  "You're leaking something fierce", he told me.  He rubbed my cock and make me clean off his fingers.

He got me up and took me over to the large dining table.  Oh yeah, they had one that was mirror topped.  Still bound, he pushed me back so I was was lying on the cold surface facing up.  He hit me multiple more times in various places.

He talked about others in his stable. He talked about having me suck off others for his enjoyment. He was getting excited by his own talk, but so was I.  He mentioned the burning desire and lust he could see in my eyes as he went on. It would have been hard to deny.

Times here he would grab my chest hair - hard!  I winced silently.  I knew not to say a word and just take it.

He did pull me up and I was back onto my knees.  "Your two hours are almost up.".  It was my job to finish him off.  I worked his dick until he back it out so my mouth was back open, my tongue out. Where before I did this and was told not to swallow, we both knew this time I would be swallowing.

He blasted off with a force that I have rarely seen / felt.  Jets propelling his cum out of his cock head and into my mouth.  Only the first hit below my mouth and the rest went in as my mouth clasped over his head.  I got the rest, but didn't swallow.

I opened my mouth as he pulled out.  He could see his semen inside my opening.

"Swallow", he flatly stated.  I did.

He saw me gulp his seed and he saw me wipe up that first hit that got into my beard. He smiled. The smile was less pleasant then when we began - as you might expect.

He told me to dress, but he wanted my "evaluation".  Partly to make him a better top, partly to admittedly stroke his own ego.

I didn't have to fudge on the eval.  I told him what I liked, what he did well. I told him he needed a new profile pic.  I said he might have wanted to punch me harder, but he smiled.

He mentioned how taken back I was with the first nipple grab, which did hurt.  He told me as he went on during the two hours, he'd grab harder and harder till he got to the place he did at the first contact, but I didn't seem to notice that it got more abusive.  He said he did the same with the punching.

He told me not to contact him again and that next time he was in town, I would know it.

No doubt I will.


Bruce Chang said...

Hm... Not sure what else to say, but: Fuck. Yes!

cyberi4a said...

I was boned and dripping while reading that.