Thursday, September 26, 2013

Not a Word

He came alone.

Except for the first time Gnarly Dicked Dad and I hooked-up, he's always brought a "buddy" with him to watch or participate.  The way he set up this encounter made me think someone would be tagging along.

I like the tag-alongs.

But here he was at the door.  Alone.

That meant nothing. His "friends" have been known to show up after we have gotten started. But I didn't ask, as GDD was on the phone. Well, his phone was on, as was his bluetooth device.  As I opened the door, he put a finger to his lips, signaling me to be quiet and then pointed to the device around his ear.

He walked in and to my office, listening to the conversation, of which I could hear voices but not actual words. I assumed he was wrapping up his call and we'd begin our scene.  I checked work email and such, but he began dropping his zipper, then his belt, then his pants.

I got the message. This was starting NOW.

I went over and dropped to my knees - he started talking to his client and colleagues about recruitment packages for CFOs and upper management.  I stuffed my mouth with his cock.

This cock:

It is a nice fat piece of meat.  He knows it - and he knows I know it.  The guy isn't exactly a looker (he's not horrible either), but he's confident with a big dick and that counts for a fuck of a lot.

I slobbered on the shaft.  I deep throated that monster meat.  I bobbed. I licked. I nibbled.

I did all the things that a cocksucker can and should do to a slab of beef.

Of course, I also worked his sac.

I am more a fan of the licking the nuts than the sucking of them, but I'll do whatever the guy needs or wants. He was up for licking.

I noticed, and wondered if his phone colleagues did, his breathing getting heavier and heavier. He never muted them, so he wasn't doing it for my benefit. He always seemed in complete control, so maybe he was unaware how his respiration's had changed.

I was actually palming his meat while I was down licking his nuts when he tapped me on the head and pointed to his dick with some urgency.  I placed my lips over the head and sank down about three-quarters of the way when his honey poured out into my mouth.

Then it shot.  And shot.  And shot.

He never made a sound. I could hear his staff still chatting with the client. He never gave up the ghost of what might be going on right under their noses....or ears, as the case may be.

I nursed that dick too.  I swallowed his seed while his cock was still in my mouth then would tighten my mouth and lips to orally squeeze out any little drop remaining.

And even after I extracted that rod from my mouth, I used my hands to squeeze two more pearls out which I made disappear before his eyes, as he was looking right down at me - literally and figuratively.

I sat back on my heels and he stood up, pulled up his pants, fastened them and walked out while still on his call - never saying one word to me.


BlkJack said...

Wow! What a beautiful piece of meat. I am so jealous!!!Thanks for the pics!!!

Upton King said...

You are such a good cocksucker! That's the way to do it. Great customer service! Cum and go... just the way it should be! Thanks for sharing! - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque