Monday, November 04, 2013

No Fluke

As promised, I did not contact the guy who gave me the HUGE load.

But he finally reached back out to me. Normally, I wouldn't have given him a second go-round. He was fine and all - but that's it, still dressing like the '70s were on and in need of a Marcia Brady Makeover ®.

He got a pass because of the massive load he pumped in my mouth and throat last time.

So when he emailed me, I sent a message right back saying I could see him after work. He suggested a time, I said "yes".

Like last time, he arrived at the set-upon hour.  You'd think that wasn't important, but sooooo many guys are 20, 30, 40 minutes late, like I have nothing else to do in my life.  Or anyone else to do. Then there are the guys who set the time, never show and go silent.   ....but that's another rant.

So there he was, in front of me, doing nothing.

I went to my knees.  I took his belt and unhooked it. Ditto with the pants.  I put my thumbs in his black briefs and got those down as well.  Out sprang his 7" piece of meat.

I ogled it for a few and then placed it in my mouth.

Like last time, he was quiet as a mouse.  Not a word.  Not a sound.  I get that, but I work better with either verbal encouragement, demeaning talk or at least a grunt or two.  Still, I knew what possibly awaited me, so I was a trooper and just went about my job.

Though I am not 100% sure, I think he had a "tell", like people do in poker or when they're lying. Every now and again, his hand would go to my left shoulder and I'd get a slight squeeze.

I could be wrong, but I think he was doing two possible things:  steadying himself  and / or a signal that he was close to ejaculating.

To be conservative, when I'd feel the hand, I'd slow down or back off of my sucking process....but only for a bit.  I mean,  I love sucking cock and I was going for the load - that's my job.

After about 15-20 minutes of sucking and backing off, I went for it.  As I assumed, the hand went to my shoulder and then the second one, so I knew I was there - as was he.

I had his cock all the way at the entrance of my throat.  He shot off.

And shot again....and again....and again..............and again.

I would say at least a third of his cum went right down my throat, but then it backed up, flooding my mouth, similar to last time.

Once again, I struggled to keep up.  I gagged.  My eyes teared up.  I swallowed and swallowed again, just to keep up with his productivity.  It was massive.  Again.

Not to worry fair readers, I took every single fucking drop.  And I swallowed.

This guy is the real deal.  I will definitely have him back.


Athens GA Poz Guy said...

Thanks for giving me a boner at work! You are one hell of a cock sucker and if you suck mine I will be as verbal and as nasty as you need!

Upton King said...

Wow. I have never had the privilege of being fed so much cum that I choked.. you lucky bastard. And I agree with you about the verbal cues... those grunts and sighs get my dick rock hard. And that makes for a happy cocksucker. And a happy cocksucker is a productive cocksucker. But, look who I'm talking to. You are the energizer bunny of cocksuckers! - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque