Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pretty Boy

He hit me up on Scruff.

29, 5'9", 155.  Handsome as all get out on his profile pic.  What would he want me for?

It turned out, he wanted my cock. But that is not normally how I play.  I told him so and that I wanted to suck his cock.  He relented and invited me over.

But before he did, he asked if I was clean - and this time he meant how and when I actually showered last.  I said I did that morning, which was a total lie. I think I showered the day before....maybe.

Then he said it would be a while because he had to jump in the shower.  UGH.

A. I didn't want the time delay of him scrubbing up.
B. I didn't care about him being Irish Spring clean - nor did I want him to be.

And looking at his picture, this kid (yes, kid!) looked like he was always squeaky clean - you know the type.

I told him I was a grown man who wasn't all that fragile and not to shower. And he didn't.

Getting to this house on the perfect street, I started to see a pattern.  His first comment was on the make and model of my car. His house was impeccably decorated. Not my style at all, but nice things and not one out of place.

His profile picture did not do him justice. While he was handsome in his pic - he was model handsome in real life. almost bordering on 'pretty'.

The shower thing all fell into place. The man was all about aesthetics, possessions and presentation.

Before I came over, he even asked what I would be wearing. Priceless.

He took me back to his extremely dim bedroom - complete with what i'm sure was like Ralph Lauren comforters and such. Apple TV and laptop in his room as well.

"Jay" was wearing a nylon like jersey and workout shorts. He was hard - a thin 7" of hard.  His nuts were loose and hung like pendulums - far away from his penis.

At first he sat on the edge of the bed and then lay back so I had access to his cock.  I took it all the way down, but he pressed his hips up to make sure it went even a little deeper.

He moaned appropriately.  He wanted me to play with his nipples - hard!  I played hard and it didn't phase him at all. Well, that's not entirely true. Like the bitch he probably was, his legs automatically spread.

I licked his nuts and little below that, but not yet to his ass.  I took my finger and gently rubbed it across the hole. His hand met my wrist and pulled my hand away.

Granted, the finger smelled a little ripe afterwards and maybe that's why he wanted the shower, but that's exactly why I didn't want him to shower. I'd have cleaned that hole up - but it was not meant to be.

I found it odd he lay completely back, eyes closed or staring at the ceiling, almost being a non-participant in the event.  I get that from straight guys, but his one was not.

Maybe I wasn't what he was expecting. Maybe he was self-loathing and couldn't get into participating.

He knew I wanted to suck. He didn't have to invite me over.  But he let me suck, he was hard, he was getting close.

And then he got there.

Ribbons of slime hit my tongue. I kept it in my mouth, as always.

His only true words to me were, "if you need, there's a towel on the side of the bed if you want to...."

He trailed off.  He was going to say, "spit out the load".  I swallowed and said, "now, why would i need a towel?   You didn't want me to spit it out - did you?"

"No", was his reply.

I thanked him, got up, and left.

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Upton King said...

Hmmm... you have far more bandwidth when it comes to these types. I don't (and now won't) bother with them. They bore me. It's like jerking off to a A&F catalog (boring). I need me some funk and flaws and I like men that are comfortable with their funk and flaws. I'm thinking you're the same, my friend. We have to have something to hang our kink on, and Mr. Perfect ain't gots the goods! Thanks for sharing. Always enjoy reading your stuff. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque