Monday, December 02, 2013


Guys are like music - you notice the good ones (men and songs) and you notice the really bad ones too. It's the mediocre that no one gives a second look.  The guy with no distinguishing features that you just pass by and never think 'what if'.

I'd argue that most of us do it - including the mediocre guys themselves.

Had he provided pictures, I might have passed. But the stats were ok.  44, 5'10", 190, 7 thick inches. No shabby.

He didn't mention that 30 of those lbs were his gut alone. He didn't mention pasty white and a second chin - one that was only accentuated by his weak goatee growth. And I was less than hopeful for his truthfulness in cock size when he arrived, stripped and sported maybe - maybe!!! - 1.5".

Doing my oral duty - though that was not either of our end game - he did eventually spring nicely to almost 7.5" and yes, he was thick. I need to be more patient with growers. I immediately jump to the almost standard gay classified lie of adding 1-2" to their dick size.

True to our discussion, he used sucking to get him hard, but other than that, all he wanted was hole. Mine.

First it was all fours.  He was thick and I felt every inch of girth. He had enough lube, but he wasn't really skilled at the art of penetration and repenetration.

Maybe his mediocre looks held him back at gaining experience - I don't know. And you know guys, you can't tell us anything. So he wasn't taking direction well. Or even listening.

When he'd pull all the way out, he'd miss the my hole by a good inch, but just kept jabbing a non-entry point. I'd have to reguide him to his destination.

But even when he was in, he basically sawed more than fucked. He clearly did it only for his pleasure - which I totally get from a top. He just wasn't that nuanced.

While trying to talk to him during sex, because I like the dirty talk, I asked if he had a big load. He replied he did - then went on to say he had not come in weeks.

WEEKS? I replied.  He affirmed that. Not even jacking off due to some pinched nerve.

He then wanted me bent over a desk, which was good for me, but he had more problems with that position so it was back to the floor, on my knees, but this time, my shoulders to the floor - ass WAY up.

He liked this better and that was ok.

Overall, I'd say the fuck took about 20 minutes, but without much warning he told me he was going to blow. And did he.

I could feel the pulsing of his cock, but more importantly, I could feel the warmth of his load as it spread through my guts.

I loved how he stayed in and didn't immediately pull out like many do. He let me milk him - every drop of him, or at least most of them.

Maybe the poor guy needs some experience. Maybe I should help him out with future visits.


Athens GA Poz Guy said...

Excellent! Sounds like he may just need practice. At any rate, the ultimate goal was achieved and that was a hard cock in your hole and guts full of hot CUM!

Keep it up hot fucker!

Donkey Bong said...

Weeks? That load must've been epic. I got banged by a bud yesterday. I pushed a little out on my fingers and a HUGE load fell on the carpet :-/ This carpet is filthy :)