Friday, January 31, 2014


"I'm going to cum!!!!!"

No!  It was way too early. WAY too early.

We had played back and forth for only a short time. He was one of these guys who didn't need a million emails to identify and confirm getting off. It was a great change.

We agreed upon a time and that was the last communication until the doorbell rang. I brought him in with the intent of giving him a blowjob. That's what the ad was, that is what I was ok with doing - but as a former boy scout - albeit for a very short time - I try to be prepared.

He was mid 40s. 6'3" and around 180. Nice looking guy, but average. His cock was a solid 7" and cut. It had a nice thickness to it.

As I sidled up next to him, to rub his denim covered crotch, his hand immediately went to my ass. Hmmm.  This wasn't what was discussed. But like I said, I was case.

I didn't discourage the behavior. Hell, even when I went to go down on him, I didn't kneel immediately - I bent over just so, that way he could still rub his manly palm over my ass. I even dropped my jeans so he could get a better feel over my Under Armor boxer briefs.  I mean, c'mon, you kind of want them to be able to unwrap something if needed. You just can't give it away immediately.

But I did go to my knees. I sucked him like an expert and he liked it. But even he reached over my back so his hand could go back to my ass.

I'm not sure who we were trying to fool at this point, so I just gave up the ghost.

I stood up. I dropped those boxer briefs, took two long hits of poppers and bent over.

With minimal spit - and fuck, it WAS minimal - he entered me.

I don't mind saying it had been 15 days since I got any cock - either end. With pun fully intended, I was now ending a dry spell. I didn't care how wet his cock was at that point. I'm not a fragile guy, I can take whatever I need to, however it is given.

Due to lack of lubrication, the friction was plentiful. I felt every thrust. I never had the discussion, but assume he did as well.

We were only 4-5 minutes into it when he made his announcement.  "I'm going to cum".  

And he did.

Based on the moans and shudders he had / made, he had a lot in his balls he had to empty. I won't lie - I didn't feel the warmth. I did not feel the throbs.

My ass felt full when he slid out - so I know he had done what he needed to do.  And what I needed - even though he didn't really know that.

We both won.


Anonymous said...

Win-Win situations are very good. And, while it hadn't been part of the discussion, your preparedness was a boon. I'd have gone for your ass, as well, so can't fault the guy for that.

Bruce Chang said...

Honestly, I prefer lube but the thing about a spit fuck that I love is feeling a bottom struggle with the pressure before it slips and inch and then the resistance again before the extra inches. It's a bit too much friction but I love that I can feel a bottom when his body submits... And that pronounced physical need to surrender and that strong desire to take it is hot as... Well, hot as fuck!