Monday, June 23, 2014

Hairy Man Fuck

I know I don't top much - and you know it too.  So it "worries" me a little that this is my 3rd or 4th time I fucked a guy this year!

Clearly, it is out of the norm, but I do what I do. It gives you something new to read about anyways.

Actually, this happened weeks ago, I'm just getting around to writing about it now.

He was visiting from Washington state. A hairy handsome man I wanted so badly to bone me. I wasn't looking for the other way around. That is why I went to down to his hotel.

Well...and because he looked like this.

Well, he had a full beard, close cropped head of hair. Furry body. Dirty mind. And looked good in a suit - or so the picture he sent me said. He was also handsome as fuck. 

He gave me his room number and I knocked. He answered, though he was a little shorter than I expected. I expected a more imposing man, but he was a good 5" shorter than my 6'2" frame. 

He (I never got a name) went right for me. Pawing at my chest and my crotch, all the while trying to kiss me. With just a t-shirt, shorts and sandals on, I was naked in a few seconds

It was then he told me he is usually a top but was in the mood to only bottom. I felt duped, as I'm thinking he knew this from the get-go. I'm not big on guy who deceive just to get someone in the door. I've walked out on those scenes before. 

But fuck, he was hot. Nice face, nice body, great cock and yes, a great ass. 

He sucked me. I sucked him.

All of the sudden, he flipped me on my back with his hard 8" right at my hole. I hoped. I prayed. I wished. The ferocity in his eyes made me think I might get fucked and it would be a merciless one. But he backed off.

Fuck, I thought.  And not in that good way.

I could not deny that my cock was like steel.  I made him scoot up over my chest and then I went to town on his ass with my mouth. He moaned like a little bitch. They all do. I have a great tongue.

Most of the guys I do that to rarely get rimmed. I'm guessing this was not one of those guys. He claimed to be almost all top, with just some moments of bottoming. I think it was probably more the other way around.

I wanted to do this face to face. The few fucks I have had were from behind or through a gloryhole. No faces. He was too handsome not to see.

It was he who denounced condoms. I didn't need to be told or asked twice. I didn't have one. Nor did he. I wasn't walking out at this point. It was on.

I have a big dick. Bigger and thicker than his. I slid in with no problem. Very little resistance. "Mostly top", my ass.

But I could see the longing in his eyes and I kept sinking in. Not fast, but not slow. Steady and consistent. He didn't ask me to stop of slow down. I'm not sure I would have at that point, had he. If it were my ass being fucked I would have been in a giving mood - but now that I was doing the fucking, I was not really willing to take requests. Tops over the years have taught me well.

His ass was mine.

He talked about my cock. I talked about my cock........and his ass. He was secondary now. Like I said, I learned through my years.

The words that we exchanged were filthy, even vile. There was no taking them back, not that either of use seemingly wanted to. His poor fucking hotel neighbors and the housekeeping staff that was in the hall. I didn't care - I wasn't staying there.....nor was my name on the registry.

Maybe it was the angle. Maybe it was the man. Maybe it was "experience" I've gotten this year. I was not so quick to cum. My other fucks probably lasted 5-10 minutes. This one was closer to 20. He was asking me to cum, but again, I wasn't taking requests. And I can't cum on command. I'm not that kind of guy.

Fucking for me is mostly mental. Getting it up. Keeping it there. And going over the edge.

For the most part, I stayed hard. Very hard. I had a moment or two, I won't lie. The last thing I wanted was to show weakness to this guy. Not now. I was following through.

And I did. I didn't bother to tell him it was a two week load until it was spewing into his guts. He'd be losing my babies for the next day or so.

He'd remember this trip for a while, though I doubt I would be his last before he checked out the next morning.


CoolTop said...

That's one hot dude, man! But I think he'd be hotter if he had really been a top. Is that weird? There are some guys I just want to be tops... even though *I* am a top. I'd rather fantasize about that dude fucking that stick into asses all over the place than think about him getting plowed (though I agree-- he looks mighty fine from behind). Sounds like you had a good time, though!

Frequent Flier said...

So hot. You slid in easily--do you think he had been fucked earlier that day? What are your thoughts on etiquette for towels when staying in a hotel? Did just use any? Did it look like many of the towels had been used?

I often look to see if there a lot of used towels as evidence the guy had hooked up earlier, though I will admit I often ask housekeeping to replenish towels and will hide the used ones except for one if a hookup is coming over.

What do you guys do?