Monday, June 02, 2014

Ass Eating

He was cocky in a way that was a turn-on. There is a line, fine or not, that cockiness turns into a guy just really being an asshole.

It was something about the way he wrote his MH ad. Part was the image he posted, part was him almost demanding you unlock your pics for him when you say 'hi'.  Usually, I skip over those guys, but this time I did not.

It paid off.  For me and I think for him.

One of my unlocked photos was me eating out a guy's ass. This guy was all over that. He wanted his ass me.

Ohhhhhhhh, I "suppose", I could do that.  

He was handsome. 5'8", muscular, 7" or so.  He had the right attitude too. It was about me eating his ass. If anything more came from it organically, fine. If not - then he still got his hole munched on.

While he was fine from the get go, he got into it all more as we went along. His assertiveness. His verbal skills. His confidence.

I know I have a different take on it than some, but I go into these things with low expectations (sometimes) and am fairly comfortable going-in. The worst that can happen is one of us walking out. Egos are a little bruise, but that is it really.

There was a little kissing, but not much. I was pushed to my knees for some minimal cocksucking.

While he liked my oral skills on his cock, that's not what he was there for. It's not what I had him there for. I wanted to munch butt.

Soon he was bent over a desk. You've heard it from me before, but I'll take you through it........

When I pay attention to the ass, I PAY attention to it.

I kiss that hole. I press my tongue flat against that hole. I run it up and down the entire crack, including teasing the 'taint. I flick my tongue against the ass lips. I run it right around the outer ring too. Of course, then I stiffen my tongue and slowly and deliberately insert it up his ass.

Then I tongue fuck it.

By then, they are so into it, they can barely moan anymore.  This guy was no different.

The ass was tight, but it had been used, regardless of what he had told me. It was manly but clean. It had a natural funk to it that isn't bad - or at least for me.

I did suck here and there, but not greatly.  He jacked while I ate. He wanted to lie back while he told me a tale of how he and four other guys nailed some guy in Chicago. None of them knew each other, let alone the young guy.

He was very turned on by that. The story and his retelling.

I ate his ass while he told me.  He jacked.  The combination got him off, but not before I could swoop down and capture it all.

I'm not a fool.


SEAN (The Jeep Guy) said...

I'm surprised you still haven't been dp'd.

Athens GA Poz Guy said...

Eat my ASS!