Sunday, October 18, 2015


This has nothing to do with lip on lip action.

Lip on dick action, sure, but not actual kissing. No - this guy was pierced, it would turn out both nipples, a nostril, one ear had one, the other had maybe 12 or 13.

He had a lot of hair. Not on the body, that was actually quite sparse. But his head had bundles. The first time, it was pulled back so I couldn't tell, but the second time, it was down and everywhere. While he was blond, I'm 99% sure it wasn't natural.

And he was inked. The first day I just saw something on the legs and his arms and hand. Oh - and his cock.

Yes, he had a ring of some design all the way around the base of his 6" shaft.

I had SO many questions about that - but didn't ask one. I mean, I don't know how one gets a penis tattoo. Does it have to remain hard throughout the session?  And if so, wouldn't constant stabbing with a needle kind of make you go limp?

It was on the second time when I saw the rest of his ink. On his left outer thigh he has a KISS tattoo - as in the band. On his chest - the entire band itself.  Oh yes. Gene. Peter. Ace. and Paul.  Big. As. Life.

I gotta give it to him - you really gotta want it to commit to that for life........or dozens of painful laser sessions later on in life.  I'm not sure I like anything so much that I wanted ink'd on me for life. Maybe some sperms swimming.  Maybe.

Besides the ink and metal, he (told me his name, immediately forgot it) seems like a nice guy. I won't say he was exactly reserved at first, but there was a huge difference between first and second "meetings".

The first was strictly a blowjob.  The man has 6" - not thin but not thick. He pretty much sat back for the first headjob that I gave him. He blew a nice load and of course, I swallowed.  He liked it a lot. And from my perspective, it was fine.

Two days later, he asked to return. I had a free hour, so I agreed. He was over in 15 minutes.

We played with each other's cocks through our pants. He stiffened very quickly. I liked feeling through his heavy denim.

The man expertly played with my nipples. He had my entire body quivering, especially my butthole. He would not let up.  I told him I wanted him in my ass - and he just pushed me over.

He slobbered on his fingers and played with my hole and then tongued it. It was all the lube I got - though he might have spit on his hands and rubbed his cock with it, but I never saw that.

He wasn't huge, so I took him with little trouble. He pounded and pounded - well, as much as he could. Then he abruptly pulled out. He says he got way too close, way too fast.

I didn't really care if he did. I like long fucks, but I don't always need them. Sometimes it is about the load. But he wanted more. But unfortunately, not fucking.

"Get on your knees - and fucking suck my cock".

Yes, he was way more comfortable on this second day.

Words like "pig", "faggot" and "cocksucker" came out of his mouth. I'm 90% sure he's gay, but with the bad tatts, big hair and all the piercings, I would have preferred a guy like this to be straight.

I got him close with my mouth too. He had me suck his balls to slow him down. They were drawn in. They were shaved but with rough fucking skin - like a basketball material.

But that tonguing didn't slow down the inevitable. He was going to cum and he asked if I wanted it in my fucking mouth. I nodded.

He pulled back my head and told me to open my mouth and I did.

Big. Fucking. Load.

I'm not sure I would have known it was that large had I not seen a pic of it after the fact.

I swallowed every drop.

Twice in a week with this guy. He'll be back.


Bruce Chang said...

In my head, he knew what you wanted but he didn't care. He wanted a dirty cocksucker to go ass to mouth and take his load. And that the question of where you wanted it was purely rhetorical.

cyberi4a said...

Not much of your tongue can be seen which is a good thing when it comes to cum :-)