Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Room 254

At the 30 day mark, I finally got rid of my load. And it wasn't wasted.

You've read, the last time I came, was inside the ass of a 20 year old college student. This new guy was a little older, but not by much.

I was managing an area at a leather convention in town. Under me, I had a handful of volunteers each day. Most weren't much to look at, or at least didn't pique my interest.  However, on the second day, "he" walked in.

Not surprisingly, like most people there at 9:30a, he was tired and hungover. But unlike a lot of them, he was cute...and even borderline handsome. As we had finished setting up the day before and things really didn't get rolling until noon, there was a little downtime. Instead of asking for the volunteer help, I ran around doing the little things myself - as it was just easier than explaining it and then following up to make sure it was done and correctly. But the other volunteers - all guys - chatted and seemingly got along with each other.

It should be noted, possibly, that on this day, I was wearing black combat boots, leather pants, an army green t-shirt (with full harness underneath) and a leather vest. Just for show, my leather pants were not buttoned and my zipper was no fully pulled up. I was showing skin and some pubes.

I could say it was all for luring in folks from the convention, but let's be honest, I was showing off and I wanted to attract some attention with hopes I would have time to sneak away.

At some point, I looked down at my phone to see I had two Scruff messages: one was a "Woof" and one was someone had unlocked their private pictures. Both came from the same user. When I clicked on it, the face seemed familiar, but it was the name that made me look up.

"Austin" was sitting right in front of me, looking at me looking at his Scruff profile. His images in his profile looked like a different version of him, but now seeing the real and virtual, I could see they were the same guy. He winked at me.

While this "convention", most things are not subtle in the slightest, he played it that way - and I played it right back. He had a wedding ring on his hand and I figured his husband was walking around somewhere. So I shot back at 'thx' and to tease him a bit, sent a picture of a certain body part I was thinking he wanted to see.

Yes, he added his room # to the text. I got the invite.

By the way, he besides being cute-handsome, he was 27,  5'10", 170, hairy with maybe 6.5" with an upward curve as you got closer to the tip of his shaft - or so his pictures showed. That day he was wearing glasses, making him look sexy-geeky.

Since I was his "boss" and we were slow, I was deliberately teasing him, the way my zipper would come down even more, the way I'd adjust myself just for him, the way I'd smile just for him. I was a flirt, but he made it all so easy.

His shift ended and before it did, I told him I had to get the new shift situated before I could come up. He said he could be ready at 1:30p.  At 1:40p, I sent a message that I was on my way.

I knocked, he let me in. The room was a mess. Clearly he was sharing with more than just his husband and let's face it, guys at a leather convention who've been up most of the night are just pigs. It was obvious they had not let housekeeping in - possibly for days. That is ok, it added to the ambiance.

I grabbed him and pushed him against the wall, pressing my lips into his. He was a good kisser. But I was in charge. He submitted and he did it well.

Eventually, I went down to his dick and sucked it for a few minutes, but I spun him around and his hairy ass was right in front of me. I dare say, it was a younger version of my ass - it had that much fur. I spread the cheeks and dove in. He was moaning enough the housekeeping staff I passed in the hallway could probably hear him - but you have to figure they've seen and heard it all at this point.

Time, for me, was of the essence. So we had to get down to it. With only my pants half-way down, I dragged him over to the side of the bed, and had him get on his knees on the mattress. With me behind him, I lubed up and went for it. But it didn't work initially as we had to get his pants off, which meant his boots too.

Here's the vid.

Leather Bareback powered by XTube

I opted not to tell him beforehand that it was a 30 day load. Guys can get turned on by that, or freaked out by it. And inevitably, the 'why so long' question comes up. This wasn't a time for conversation. It was a time for breeding.

When it was over, after the camera was off, I cleaned up. He wasn't 100% clean and profusely apologized. I kissed him and laughed. "It happens, man....don't worry."  

Sure, I like to be spotless too, but when someone sticks a cock up someone's ass, you have to deal with the reality of it all. Get over it or don't do it. It was just one more thing for the housekeeping staff to pick up and go, "ugh!".  And I'm not even sure that hand towel was the dirtiest thing in the room.

A bit further after that, I sent a follow-up message:

Can't say I didn't warn you on the question that would be coming.

But I felt he needed to know how much sperm was in him. Oddly, I know when I go this long it isn't the first round that is greatest amount, it is the second.

....but that story has yet to be told. But it will be.  Soon.


FelchingPisser said...

So you WERE there...I thought you might be...Dare we meet next year?

cyberi4a said...

" leather pants were not buttoned and my zipper was no fully pulled up. I was showing skin and some pubes."

What ever works for the

Bruce Chang said...

Such a tease! Even with your writing! Looking forward to hearing about your next load.

Jay S said...

That's one hot video... I wish someone would breed me with a 30-days-worth of load... ;-)

Adam Hanes said...

One of my favorite bloggers was at CLAW and I didn't even know. Was my first one. Had a great time. Thanks for all the work you put in and in and in. LOL