Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mr. 9" redux

I don't think there was a chance that there wasn't going to be a repeat performance of the storage closest and Mr. 9". I think all of you (as well as him an myself) would hope for a slightly different outcome. N'est pas?

Mr. 9" wasn't upset at the first ending, but clearly wanted to finish what we started. He even sent me a left-handed apology: sorry if I hurt you - but I just really wanted to be up there and still do!

Apology accepted.

So late last week, I was back at his place. Back in the dark storage room. This time he brought the lube and an aerobed. That latter was his choice. I'm fine with a dank cement floor. I mean, if we're doing it in a basement closet - it's kind of expected! Clearly he wasn't planning on bending me over this time. It was to be a different position where he wanted to be comfortable. It is highly doubtful he cared about my comfort....and I'm good with that.

The second we were in the room, he said 'strip. everything.' I did. At first he said he wanted to just play: me suck. make out. me eat his ass. and just play with my ass. loosen it up. But I know guys - 97.4% of them think with their dicks. The other 2.6% is Bruce Villanch!

I knew there was no way that the idea of just loosening me up this session was going to be it. There had to be more. There always is. And trust me - I'm not complaining, just don't kid a kidder. I've heard all of the stories. I had my huge sexual decipher talking machine on (patent pending).

As I said - he brought the lube. Average Joe thinks I should carry Elbow Grease with me. And it's a great idea. But he wanted me to be discrete when I went to his building. I thought I was doing the right thing. I was for him - just not for my ass. So this time, with me on my back o the aerobed, he coated his fingers up good. In no time, I had three of them to the third knuckle.

Call me a whore - but I was relieved. I thought the time before I could take it. This time I knew it wasn't just me. Perhaps it was the angle we were at, or his impatience in going bone-deep. Without a word, we knew it would happen. He placed his cock at my hole and slid in. Without a word, he gauged my reactions and went as fast or easy as my face told him.

Before long he was deep dicking me. He'd slow down and whispering if I was doing ok. I whispered back, "did I ask you to slow down or stop?". Green light for him. He paced himself and would even stop and pull out. I think he didn't want to unload too quickly. Top guys are like that. Maybe bottoms guys are too. It's not up to me if it is a quickie or a long fuck. My task (?) is to help them achieve the final goal: popping their nut!!!

Back in, he really went to town. I knew there were some kind of maintenance men down in that part of the building. I could hear them talk. For his insistence that we be quiet, it was shot to shit by that aerobed and his rhythm. That rubber mattress squeaked louder than I've ever moaned during a drilling. But there was not stopping him - nor was I trying. I didn't live there. I didn't have to live with any repercussions of taking it up the ass in a residence.

I loved looking at his face as he kept going. The sheen from his sweat. The look in his eyes as he internalized the process to slow down or finish the job. The look that determined he wanted both, but this dick and balls were betraying him and the concentration he was trying to deliver to himself to stop the inevitable. He failed in one way and crossed the finish line for that medal - all at the same time.

It's hard to tell if his load was bigger than the last time. The prior've seen that on my face. This one wasn't so visible.

Like most guys - when he was done, he was done. He had me change and didn't even show me out this time. I just needed to go so he could clean up (i.e. deflate aerobed before his bf noticed is missing?). He did mention that I hadn't shot. I told him that wasn't my place. He looked a little confused at that. He'll learn.

I got an email later in the day saying he wanted to fuck me like a pig. Whatever could he mean by that??????

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The Average Joe said...

yeah only us bottoms get what it means when its not our place to cum.
good on u mate for doing it.