Friday, November 03, 2006

Mr. 9"

I have prided myself on being able to take cock. Fuck - I've been doing it since I was 15.

Imagine my surprise the other day when I had trouble taking on via the rear entrance!

Let me start from the beginning. For whatever reason, I finally became a temporary member of Manhunt. There have been some decent guys on there, but one guy msg'd me wanting to fuck around. Better yet, he wanted to find someplace dirty and dingy to do it. He determined I might like that scenario as well after seeing a pic of me in my old basement in a jockstrap leaning over a washing machine.


I love shit like that. I believe I have mentioned that bedrooms are the most boring place to have sex. Public or pseudo-public sex is great. It gets me hot and horny. I do my best work in those situations.

After some back and forth emails - we finally agreed to meet at his condo bldg. I wanted to do it outside in a heavily wooded area that was close to both of us. Though it was in the 50s, he determined that it was too cold out for outside sex. Not by my standards.

I know the condo doesn't sound that great - but we decided to use the storeage closet in the basement. Each condo has a space that is maybe 8'x4'x8'....which is smaller when it's got crap in it. Besides just wanting to use it - we had to. Lloyd, the guy, couldn't use his apartment due to the fact that his lover might come home. A cheater too! BONUS.

The pics and despcription of the guy was good. 6'5" (love em tall) and about 210-220 with 9". I know your first reaction - "um......sure. 9 internet inches." I took that stat w/a grain of salt. Fuck - a whole pillar! But though the dick would be nice, he just exhibited a great aggressive attitude. You know I love that.

I get to his place at the appointed time and he meets me outside. With only a nod and nary a word, I follow Lloyd into his building and downstairs. He unlocks the storeage door - it's cramped, it's dark, it's exactly what I wanted. Still no words and I unbutton my 501s and drop them around my ankles much to his approval - if his smirk was saying anything. His hands go right to his fly and haul out his dick. What he has to show is a true 9". It is cut and beautiful. A very very slight curve to his right. But immediately I am worried.

I've taken dicks bigger than 9" before. I know - you're all shocked! But it's true. It was his girth. He had a fat cock! I don't believe in 'beer can' thick - and he wasn't, but it was what I'd consider hole-splitting....hence my worry.

With our previous discussion, it was up to me to bring lube and to pre-lube my hole. Silly me - I brought a small tube of KY. Granted it was a full tube, but too small. It was like a drop of water in an ocean. I'm not sure the entire tube even covered his shaft. I knew I was in trouble.

We were both horny, but Lloyd was a tad bit inpatient. When I knew of his length, I told him we'd have to ease it in before getting to the thrusts. He agreed - at least in theory. In reality he wanted in and wanted in immediately. Mr. 9" tried to break in before I was relaxed, but it didn't go in far. Not far enough for him. Damn the width of that shaft! He pulled out and I went to my knees. A little more wetness couldn' hurt - right?

Eventually I got back up and bent over. I took a big hit of poppers. Before they had a chance to even hit he was right at my hole. He got in as far as he did before but then went for broke. His hips bucked and impaled himself onto me. I knew enough to keep quiet. He kept going. The man truly was the owner or a hole-stretcher.

I will admit, I was not up for the task of a long fuck - not w/his dick. I had not conditioned myself for that kind of cock or pounding. I didn't want to be a whiny faggot, but I had to ask Lloyd to stop. I hated myself for that.

He was a sport about it and did as I requested. I did go right down to my knees because I was going to take care of him. He was hot and had a fuckin fabulous rod. I licked his nuts too. He did ask as I was doing this if I ate ass. Now I told him it was HIS turn to bend over.

Turning around to present his butt to me, he flipped off the lights. I love the pitch black - the anonimity of it all. His ass tasted like all man. No soap. Someone who'd been working all day. He was surprised at how I dug into it. What can I say - I love eating hole. And he loved that I was so into doing it for him. Lloyd asked if I liked the way his ass tasted. He had to know he wasn't all clean and he was testing me and I passed. He pushed back and and I went deeper. While in there, I heard him mutter, "man, I wish I could fart". But he didn't.

But the man had a load to lose. He turned the light back on and spun around and told me he wanted to deliver a load on my face. And he did. A HUGE you can see.


Oh - and there will be repeat visits. We have to make sure my ass can accommodate that big fuckin' pole!


Anonymous said...

The number of times i've seen that pic and wondered who it was.. and now I have my answer... exceletnt pic, hot ass, wish i could bury my bone deep in there.

the number of times i've blown a load to that pic.. and one more time now!

keep up the good work my man!

The Average Joe said...

you oughtta carry elbow grease with ya. no excuse buddy. good on you for trying though atleast.