Thursday, November 30, 2006

Yes Way, Jose

Yesterday I had a business lunch scheduled at 1p.

My biggest pet peeve is ME being late for something. I don't necessarily give a shit if someone else is late, but I do if I am. Oddly enough, this can work against me - like yesterday.

I was way early in the area of town where I needed to be. But I also knew of a park in the same area, and it was 12n - so, what the fuck. Right? All those single men alone in their cars....just sitting in a parking lot.

My style is to park my car and let the fuckers come to me. It usually works. I found a decent, but slightly remote area to situate my car and it wasn't long before a guy pulled up next to me. Clearly he was hispanic and sported Jet black hair with matching porn star moustache. He also wore flannel and drove a big-ass Ram pick-up truck. Oh he also wore a wedding ring.

He played around being interested almost too long. Now I only had 30 minutes until my lunch. He told me to be late, which I would have done had I had the cell number to my lunch companion. But like most men, I think with my cock. The guy said he had a place that was 10-12 minutes from the park. I said yes.

I don't think it was his place since it took like the eighth key before he found the one that fit the lock. We went to a basement bedroom where he immediately started feeling me up. I told him we didnt' have time for that shit. Surprisingly he went down and started undoing MY pants. This married fucker wanted to get to my dick.

The man was good at sucking dick. I wasn't his first. And though he couldn't take all of me, he did a damned good job at the inches he was taking in his mouth. He responded well to verbal commands too. Eventually he got on the bed, laid back and had me feed him from the side of it. Still, he did really well. But his non-verbals were telling me he was never gonna take the load. Not they way I wanted him to. He was slightly pulling up his shirt and t-shirt, exposing his belly and chest. I didn't wanna shoot it there.

He asked if I ever sucked. How that secretly amused me. I said I would try it on him, but he had to stand up for a second. I wasn't getting on that bed. I didn't have the fuckin time. There was a chair next to the bed and next to that, a drum set (don't ask - i have NO idea). I had him sit on the drum stool, me on the pants around my ankles.

The guy insisted on leaning in to kiss. I was ok with that. Something hot about making out w/a married man - and he was good at it. As he leaned way in, his 5.5" fat and uncut dick went under my balls. Those married guys really know how to hone in a hole - don't they? But I wasn't there for that.

I pushed him back and leaned forward myself and went down on him. He fuckin' loved it. Easy to take the entire way. He was so fuckin' worked up I knew he couldn't and wouldn't last - which fit in perfect with my timetable. He had been remarkebly non-verbal most of the time. But he moaned a bit and said how good it felt. And just as he was about to pop his nut he almost sneered, "HERE'S your lunch, brother!".

The load was HUGE. Absolutely enormous. I kept taking it and it kept on cumming. And I kept on swallowing.

What he did next was surprise me. I figured after he was done, he'd be DONE. He jumped right back on the bed and wanted to suck me more. I asked him where he wanted the load, as I was so ready to pop! He said, "on my face. ALL over my face". And I did. Six days of built up sperm coated his fuckin porn stache, his cheeks, his chin, his nose. He was impressed - and I have to say, so was I.

He let me out of the house at 12:57. I had to make a 10 minute trip in 3 minutes. I made it in seven, or about 5 minutes late - and I still was the first to arrive.


libertine di homo said...

it's been my experience that married guys - even the most "masculine" ones - like to be in the submissive role when they're messing around with a dude.

they may enjoy getting their dicks sucked by a "homo" - but in the end they always - always - want to be treated like a dirty slut by that same homo.

not that i'm complaining. ;) said...

"HERE'S your lunch, brother!"
That my friend, might just be the quote of the year!