Wednesday, August 15, 2007

DC in Two Parts - SUCK

Due to delayed air travel, my last time in DC was a bit more limited than I anticipated. I had about 45 hours in the city. Actually, this makes my encounters that much more impressive when you look at the numbers:

Airport time: 4 hrs
Sleep time: 12 hours (over 2 days)
Work time: 19 hours (over 2 days)
Sex time: 10 hours (over 2 days)

9 Guys
11 Loads

The hotel was a nice one, but problematic for someone like me. They were very safety conscious – so much so that a key card was needed to activate the elevators. That meant, instead of “them” knocking on my door – or me leaving my door open for them (which I love the sleaziness of), I had to go meet them down in the lobby. I am sure the hotel staff was on to me by the end of my stay.

After my delay into the city, I immediately put up a post saying that I needed a load soon. Luckily it was right at the end of most people’s work day and I had quite a few responses by guys who wanted to drop a nut before heading home.

But then I placed ads in the early mornings before I started my day too…and I get the responses there too. After a week, the sequence is blurry. Keep in mind – this is only the suck section of this trip. I will give you highlights – but in no particular order:

  • One guy was from the previous posting: Freak-a-Zoid. I won’t repeat that story.
  • One was a referral from a previous visit. A large (not fat) married black guy. Maybe 7” – but thick and uncut. Is it just me, or is there not many uncut black men out there? I certainly don’t see them. But he was good enough to drop two loads without much effort. He was thick enough to stretch my lips, that is for sure. I don’t know I’d go out of my way to do him again, but I was doing it more for the guy who referred him to me.
  • Another two load guy was a 40ish Hispanic man with a smaller uncut dick. An ok guy – but he was in a hurry. His partner already knew he had left the office. You know I like guys who cheat – so I was down with it. That he could get two loads off in a short amount of time was impressive to me. He might be fun to play with for a longer period of time and for more than just sucking - but I took what I could get.
  • A boyish looking man on his way to work. DC is a town where one wears their work credentials on their shirt – literally. Wearing your ID badge to get in and out of buildings seems to be part of the dress code. So it was little surprise that this guy had one on. I wasn’t looking for or at his name – but it was hard to miss the workplace. It just happens to be one that I do some contracting work for on my trips to DC. I decided not to mention that to him. But his dick was average at best – so was his load. He was one of these guys who insisted in completely undressing for a blowjob. What is the point of that really? I mean IF you had a great body and wanted to show it off. Or maybe he likes his skin – and that’s cool. But for a blow n go… seems like a waste of time.
  • Some married business man was in the mix too – who was only fair. Not even good enough to expound on.
  • The best guy – without a doubt was an early morning guy in need. His picture was hot and he was about four blocks from me.


He was the only guy I didn’t host – he had the place and I was fine with going there. “Eric” was in a hotel and I assumed was a traveler like me – but his room told me different. A ‘real’ bed, groceries on the counter, a very lived in couch and throw rug. He also had a flat screen tv – but not the hotel kind. This guy was living there and I can only assume he worked there and they provided him space to live.

Eric answered the door with just a towel around his waist, clearly having just emerged from the shower. This body was flawless and after he dropped his towel, I saw that his dick was too. Almost 8.5” and good thickness. His abs were tight and defined. The face was handsome too – but I didn’t get a long look at it.

Taking my suit coat off, shirt and tie still on (remember the earlier guy I had blown disrobed entirely) I was on my knees taking him far down his shaft. And by far down, of course I mean -all the way. He was verbal /non-verbal. Noises without words. Grunts. Moans. Groans. And hips that could move. He didn’t mind his hand on the back of my head – and I kind of liked it there too. He put it firmly there after about 15 minutes when he decided to let loose. I think he could have gone longer – as could have I, but the day was young and we both had to work.

I gladly took everything he had to offer. And he gladly gave it. He did have a sensitive dick after cumming – one of the most I’ve seen in a long time. But I wasn’t about to let that seed go to waste. I kept my mouth off the tender areas and milked his shaft with my hand until the last drops of pearly semen came to the head. Only then would I swipe that with my flattened tongue. I cleaned it off good – like he’d just showered.

I don’t normally email a thank you after the fact. For Eric – I did, in hopes I got another chance later on in my travels.

Here’s hoping…………

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