Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hook-Up of Lies

Just a small rant about guys who answer posts that just cannot commit to semi or pseudo truths.

I don't ask for much - do I?

He sends great cock pics and decent stats. Plus my ad said I was really only into white/black/hispanics. I go for other guys too - but that is what I was looking for earlier this evening.

The guy shows up....about 50 lbs heavier than his pics or stats. Did he think I might not notice this? Oh - and he's asian-mixed. I guess he thought I'd miss that too.

All of this is overlookable (is that a word?), until I felt his crotch....or lack of one. He unzipped and there was almost nothing there. This is not a joke or the judgement of a bitter man.

Honest to g-d, I have never seen a dick this small. How small? He'd have to pull down his pants to piss because it was not big enough to escape his fly. I kid you not.

I do not know whose pictures he is using to post, but no one is that much of a grower/show-er.

As horny as I was - needless to say, I sent him on his fucking way. Though I never said why (shame on me), I think he knew. I think he gets that a lot.

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Anonymous said...

I think I saw an ad you placed in DC's Craigslist... I'm psyched to know you're in town. Am committed to the bf completely, but i love reading your stories! Keep 'em coming! (No need to publish this if you don't want...just checking in to say hello and you have a fan in DC!)