Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Who's Your Daddy

Weeks ago I placed that craigslist ad for someone to relieve me of my load. Guys kept trickling in responses over a week, still wanting to blow me. Not for nothing – but I had let two different guys drain me over a two day period. Most of the other ads I dismissed, but one guy just would not let up.

Maybe I was horny again. Maybe he broke down my defenses. Either way I agreed to meet with him – in public as he wanted to use a hotel conference room restroom to fellate me. As much as I like public sex, I was a bit wary in these regards. I had not scoped out the space or knew of the traffic flow or peak and dead times. To the public sex guys (like myself), it is important to know these things to minimize the risk of arrest. It is one thing to be watched….it is another thing to be taken into custody.

But my dick got the better of me. I thought he might not show at the designated time/spot, and though he was a few minutes late, he did indeed present himself as promised.

“Dan” was about my height (6’2”). He looks like he’s got a solid body under his work casual work clothes, but I wouldn’t or couldn’t say it’s a hot one. I never saw that much of it. At least he is height/weight proportional. His nose was not big, but the end did look as if it had been broken at least once. I know – I’m a freak. I like a good schnoz on a guy. I also think they more closely determine the size of a dick – better than hands or feet. Dan was probably in his mid-20s.

We walked mostly in silence to the designated restroom. I did have a few issues with the space. The hotel was marginal, but there was a surveillance camera once you get off the elevators and then another one right near the restroom entrance. Mind you – only one at the men’s room. Nothing at the ladies. Typical. My other issue was there was no door to the entrance….it was just an opening with a tiled partition so one could not see directly in to where guys do their business. Unfortunately, you also don’t hear guys coming into the space.

The better news was that the doors to the stalls went almost down to the floor. Not all the way, but enough where you’d have to be lower than a hand & knees position outside to see how many pairs of feet were inside.

I am a man of my word (cough cough) so I was there, I wasn’t about to back out at this time. I followed Dan into the farthest stall, shut and locked the door. You know the drill then – zippers are pulled down, dick is pulled out and then eventually the nuts too.

Dan sat down and did a really nice job on the sucking. He got close to taking me all the way, but not quite there. I am used to that. Immediately he started the hand/mouth combo which typically is not the way I like to do it when I’m an eater, and that carries over to when I’m a feeder also. But it does help speed things up in these kinds of scenarios and public spaces.

Dan then wanted to know if it was ok if he took out his dick. Of course I said yes, if for no other reason than I’m a greedy pig who wanted to see what he had under his work slacks. …and it wasn’t too shabby. A solid 7+” and a good size thickness. If I had not been in feeder mode, I would have loved to swing on that. But time was a-wasting and we were both here for a primary mission: to get me off.

Soon enough Dan was sitting back on the toilet taking me to the zipper. There was no way I was unbuckling everything. One has to plan on the hasty retreats if necessary.

Though I did celebrate a birthday earlier in the week, I wasn’t feeling too much older. That is until he pulled off my dick and looked up at me with those puppy dog eyes and said, “can I call you ‘daddy’”? Oy!!!!

I think any longtime reader of this blog will know an unofficial breakdown of me giving vs taking is about 10% to 90%, respectively. It has never occurred to me that I might one day be a father figure. In my heart (what little there is) and my head, I’m always ‘the boy’. But as the t-shirt says, ‘Even Daddies Need Daddies’.

He repeated the question and it was sort of rhetorical, as you could tell he wanted and needed me to tell him ‘yes’. And I did. Begrudgingly.

After that, I threw in a ‘son’ or ‘boy’ as he really went to work on my dick. Since it had been like 7-10 days since I had gotten off, and he was using his hand – it wasn’t taking me much to get there.

When I was right there, I told him to stop moving his hand, to start swallowing and not make a noise.

I know I shoot a big load anyway – but after a week, more often than not the eater gags on my load. I’m not bragging – just stating the recent facts since I’ve only started letting guys do the job I’ve been trained to do so well. Besides that I was in work clothes and didn’t want to wipe coughed up jizz off my pants – I could not have him draw attention to us by gagging and coughing.

I will say – the boy did a good job. He took it like a sperm-sucker and even lapped up any additional drops I squeezed out….and there was plenty of that too.

The poor guy wanted me to keep my dick out while he jacked off, but I tucked it away. I was trying to minimize our risks. Though I did stay for him to pump off a nice load onto the black marble-like tile. He told me, before he shot, that he would clean it up afterward.

I’ll have to take his word for that – since after he shot, I shot out the door, leaving him there.

Maybe I’ll let him have it again. Maybe not. I guess it is all in how the mood will strike both of us.

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Joshua said...

Hot story. I love sordid public bathroom sex.