Friday, August 10, 2007

Do I Attract em or WHAT?

Yes, it is possible I am a huge douchebag - but honestly, I do not think so.

A few months ago a guy responded to a craigslist posting of mine and when I did not respond the way he, Miss Manners or Emily Post would have considerered proper (I wasn't an asshole, I just didn't use the right magic words) - this guy attempted to rip me a new one.

So over a week ago, he responded to another ad I had posted. Yes, it was an anonymous ad, but when I saw his email and picture and knowing how he replied last time, I just ignored it completely. I deleted the email actually.

Today I get a follow-up to his reply from 8-9 days ago!!!! Since I never replied, he didn't have my email address. He actually went back into craigslist to find the ad to re-respond to it. Seriously - WHO DOES THAT?

So, I can't help it (oh - yes, I can, but I'm not going to) - here is the email exchange, complete with grammatical mistakes. My text is in yellow. His in blue.

So you know I'm not a 100% dick - I didn't publish his email address....of which I am soooooo tempted.

Hey -

Real class demonstrated there man. You weren't interested, so you couldn't be bothered to take all of like 15 seconds to send like a "thanks, not interested" email back, even when I had mentioned: "if you not interested, NOT a problem---SERIOUS, just let me know this, ie. I'll know you got/read the email!"? Lol. Classic, typical. Whewww.

Your WELCOME for the reply/compliments paid you.

It was NOT (read: NOT) a problem you weren't interested man---SERIOUS---I was JUST prompted to speak up when encounter the lack of the same AND similar decorum/class as your going to want demonstrated come your way soon 'nough. LOL.

I'm glad that BASIC PRINCIPLE of life: "reap what ya sow" applies to ALL men---regardless of ones' acknowledgement of it's existence or not, or ones' current state of mind.


Well considering last time I answered one of your responses but didn't use the word 'please' or 'thank you' and you went on a 2 page tirade regarding that, I didn't really feel it was in my best interest to respond to your reply for this ad.

You have a knack of alienating guys.

"dude" your ass is so far up your ass (can you say: DELUSIONAL) that you wouldn't recognize a sound thought if your life depended on it!

You sorry exscuse for what a mans' character should be. Here again you demonstrate condencention "two page tirade" LOL. You fucken women with a set of atrophying balls.

And your "logic" you arrive to reasoning: " really didn't think it was in your best interest to reply back? Man, your pitiful.

Listen, re-read what I said PLAINLY in the last email I it s-l-o-w-l-y so you can absorb it...give your jumbled mind a fighting chance to MAYBE comprehend what I PLAINLY said. (I mean it's not like I used big $ 5 dollar words there....or here!)

I think the best thing that could happen to yourself: that you continue in your fucked thinking, "logic" processes...continue to bring upon yourself the same and similar shit character types as you sow. Bring upon your OWN destruction, sooner rather than later. Really. I would willingly bet a nice piece of change that your too far gone upstairs to realize any semblance of SOUNDNESS comming back to that mind of yours. Really. I bet I'd win the wager. No shit.

Listen, again: you DID me a favor. My only hope for yourself is that you reap ten fold, the same and similar shit character ALL thier irritating, ugly manifestations into that trifling life of yours.

YOUR loss jack.

Do me a favor, PLEASE: BLOCK my email address so as I don't make the mistatke ever in the future inadvertently re-replying to ANY of your future posts'

By the way: save your email come back...I know that ANYTHING that emmanates from that mind of yours will be nothing more than the same horseshitreasoning, logic. (Read: your email addy b-l-o-c-k-e-d.)

And Also: WRONG: I don't alienate men from myself jack...(here again is your POMPOUS, then DELUSIONAL selfs' mind conclusion entering here) I have met some decent men online---VERY few of a good character type---very few I'd be willing to consider MY friend that is. (that is they may be nice to look at...nothing much else there of substance I would want though to be a part of)I DO alienate (desired result---hello?) those of the caliber of character types' such as what your ass demonstrates itself to posess, yes. I don't wish to have NOTHING to do with them...I don't give a fuck how good they may look, etc.


Wow. I rest my case.

Am I a dick? Is he unhinged? Are these questions rhetorical? Would I have to define for him what 'rhetorical' meant? Do you think he took spanish in high school?

All these questions will never be answered......because he blocked me!!!!! boooo-fuckin-hoooo.


Anonymous said...

No, but seriously....with guys like that you need to do the rest of us a favor and POST EVERYTHING on Craigslist, so no one else falls into his evil clutches. please!

once a guy was a total dick to me on a site (including threatening to kill me), so when I saw him posting (in ALL CAPS, no less) on craigslist, I posted a warning to everyone how he's unhinged.

Please. do us a favor. Post his picture, and his e-mail online.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow I think I know who it is. I had a similar experience with a guy here in Arlington. I sucked his dick once and I had a wierd vibe. He wrote me again and I wasn't available so I did not return his email. He wrote me back berating me on bad manners etc. Freak show. Nice dick though..

John in Va

Anonymous said...

This is exactly the kind of bizarre rant that shows up on all the time.

Someone posts a message (of course bb related posts get the most unsolicited replies) and some so-called intelligent member just HAS to take 10 minutes out of their busy schedule to post a ridiculous, narrow-minded response.

I suspect they just can't help themselves, but it completely escapes me how they believe they are contributing something worthwhile (morally, intellectually or otherwise).

[sigh] If only there was some way to filter these guys out...

Paul in TO

Anonymous said...

dude...I would recommend completely ignoring this guy in the future. He sounds like a kook. There can be no advantage whatsoever in responding to that. He's clearly got a problem, and I mean that seriously: I feel bad for him. But remember, only virgins have no track record. So even if you think you're anonymous, he could potentially trap you into giving him your number (maybe pose as another poster with a new email, which has happened to me), which he could then reverse into your name (it can happen). I'd just steer clear of this dude.