Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Clank I

I had a fun time on my last business trip. I know my last post might counter-indicate that, but overall, I still had some good experiences even though I didn’t take it up the ass this time.

One bad note is that one guy I had seen most times while I did visit DC has moved to Florida. He was a great fuck with an incredible dick. ….but people move on and there are many many others out there who are looking to pop their load into a willing hole.

I hate to say it, but the first guy I hooked up with was by far the best. Why do I hate to say it? Well, no one wants to peak too soon. But what the hell – he was so worth it.

John Doe (yes, the name he used in email) responded to my craigslist ad and also picked up on what few nuances I had in there – especially when it came in regards to verbal and aggressive behaviour. He had a timeline that wasn’t quite matching with mine – so what did I do? I said screw my obligations and did what I had to do. I’m a sex addict. It IS what I do. Consequences be damned.

During one of our phone conversations, John mentioned he had a PA and whether he should remove it before coming over. My response, I believe, resonated with him – “but how would you hear it clank against my teeth if it wasn’t there?”.

John told me what time he’d be arriving and to make sure the door was unlocked, that I was stripped and on my knees. I did as I was told. Naturally, I had the poppers and camera at a not too far distance.

He was all he promised and more: similar stats to mine, though he was more solid (not fat). GL married, masculine, DDF, thick 6.5.

I am here to tell you the man was more than 6.5”. I love it when guys estimate themselves on the low end. As we all know, it is usually the other way around.

John came into the room with all the confidence you want from a feeder. He walked up and stood in front of me expecting me to de-belt, unzip and pull out his cock. And it was something I wanted and was thrilled to do.

For extra effect, I had his PA hit the enamel of my two front teeth. His response was immediate – a sly, devilish grin. I knew I was pleasing him.

We went through a few positions: him standing in front of me while I remained kneeling, him on the bed, legs spread, while I remained kneeling and then finally, him kicking back in the hotel chair- with, yes - me kneeling between his spread legs.

His mouth was foul but not too much so. Not that a truly foul mouth would upset me in the slightest..

He urged me to take him all the way down – and as you can see, he is a thick-dicked man. I can’t say I gagged, but I’m a bit more experienced than your average cocksucker. I took him to the pubes and loved it. I let my tongue dance on the underside of his dick and he loved it.

His hands were at the back of my head, at times taking over how fast and how deep his dick should go. If you read this at all you know that I love it when a guy takes over – or even when he thinks he’s taking over. I wasn’t manipulating this guy at all….he had an agenda, and it just happened to be mine as well.

Mr. Doe was sitting back in his chair, his head all the way back when he vocally informed me that he was nearing climax. Not that I couldn’t tell anyway. You know how the body changes – and not just the extra stiffening of the dick or tightening of the nuts. It’s the entire movement of chest to toes. The gearing up for something big.

And it was. Well….not huge, but it was a great volley of cum that was hitting my tongue and roof of my mouth. I think he wanted to bury it, and I should have let him – but fuck – I wanted to taste his seed. I shouldn’t be so selfish next time.

…and I am hoping there is a fucking next time (or a next time fucking!).

He dressed and had me just sit there on the floor….naked…..and he just opened the door and walked out. For a few seconds I was visible to anyone who would have walked by. Unfortunately, nobody did.

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