Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Clank II

I don’t seem to find too many guys with PAs that I encounter. It seems that the guys I end up hooking up with on the road are married – which don’t get me wrong is so incredibly hot.

But there is something really hot about a guy with a PA. Not that I’d ever get one or want one. I am a 100% wuss when I think about what it takes to go through to get one. I do like the way a guy looks with a heavier gauge dangling from his dick head. Married guys do not usually sport PAs.

I like the way a guy carries himself knowing that it’s there. And as I said in yesterday’s post, I like the way the metal hits my teeth – and let’s face it, the feeder does too.


But it’s not just for feeding. The feeling of the cold metal, slathered in lube (maybe!) as it gets pushed up your ass is a pretty unique feeling. I’d be lying if I said the potential damage it can do wasn’t somewhat erotic. Nothing permanent, but you know what I’m saying……..

So it was odd that I had two PA’d guys in one trip. Separate days, but still….. The law of averages and all would say it shouldn’t really happen.

Once again, I had advertised for a feeding – this time it was morning. I had lots of opportunities, mostly from guys who wanted to play email tag, which I specifically said I would not do. But guys are fucking game players – most of em. Normally I can spot the ones who are serious.

…and I did.

He said all the right things. He knew all the buttons to push that one can via email exchanges. When those things happen, I let my defenses down: not requiring or asking for a pic or a phone call.

So when he showed up – again, my door was ajar – I was a little disappointed. He was average looking and body, but could tell even though he dressed the rough part, he was nellier than one would want from a top feeder. Hell, he was nellier than you’d expect from a cockwhore.

But he had a nice dick whose base was wrapped in a thick/wide metal cockring that made his balls look bigger than they were. The shaving did that too. (I’m not big on guys with shaved balls – I like MAN nuts!)


Most of our time was spent with me in the hotel chair, my legs up on the ottoman while he stood next to the chair feeding me. His dick was about 7", but I didn't have much trouble taking it no matter how deep he wanted to put it. Again, I went out of my way to have the PA hit my teeth or run it over my tongue and lips.

Without asking, the guy picked up my camera and just started taking multiple pictures of me down on his dick.....his balls.....and his ass. I never attempted to stop him. I mean, it was my camera.

But this is a newer digital camera and I wanted to try something I had not done before. Luckily, this guy was ok with it. I had never used the movie control on my camera before and well, I'm something of an exhibitionist, so I asked if we could film the final moments before he came.

The guy was game.

He took control of the video and I played to it. There was a little sucking until he was ready to pop. Some went into my mouth. Some went into my goatee. And with the expertise of a better than amateur porn, but not quite as good as professional porn - we executed a good scene. The guy (never got his name - never cared) took his dick, rubbed the head in what spooge missed my extended tongue and then pushed it back into my mouth.

The clip lasts only about 1.5 minutes, but it is not bad.

I know what you're all thinking: why am I not posting it here? It shows a bit too much of me. What little anonymity I still have, I can't see how I can truly throw it up here.

Of course, I'm thinking about all the other vids I can do and the scenes I can concoct.


rawTOP said...

Your the first bottom I've heard of who likes the metal hitting his teeth. I usually have to warn the bottoms so it doesn't happen to them 'cause usually it's a big turn off for them...

You'd like my PA (if I wore it)... It's nice and big like the one in the pic, but thicker...

Rick said...

damn! I got excited as soon as I read "video".

Anonymous said...

what does "PA" stand for?

Anonymous said...

I was in the same mindset as you... didn't think i'd ever get a PA but I did it this year... Broke my collar bone (which was very painfull) and thought... well it can't hurt more than that and guess what... it didn't.

So i now have a lovely 3.2mm PA.

and fuck its nice!!!

Anonymous said...

pa=prince albert--a penis piercing