Monday, December 10, 2007

The Non-Swallowers

Why do guys suck cock but not go for the prize at the end?


I’m just telling your I do not understand. I have never understood this behaviour. Ever.

Though in the next few days I will get to some experiences I had on my last business trip, the ones that have been first and foremost on my mind have been one day of events where I ceded my right to be eater so that I could feed.

My other stories will tell of wanton depravity (duh), but after awhile, as it seems to happen in my travels, I find myself with a 2+ week load built up in my nuts. And as much as I do not identify as a feeder, I do feel the need to not to just jack-off and waste my seed either. I’m a riddle that way.

So with a well-placed ad and a picture or two of my 8” dick, in a matter of 15 minutes I had a number of guys to choose from. All I can say is I’m lousy in my vetting process. Never once did I ask THE question: are you going to swallow my nut?

I guess being the kind of eater that I am, it never really crosses my mind to ask, because it’s never really an issue NOT to eat the load. For me, it always goes without saying. I impose my “values” on others that that is how they should be doing their cocksucking. Silly me.

I should have turned guy #1 away. Not only was he average (not that there’s anything wrong with that), and maybe he didn’t realize it, but I did: I had been with him before (and not that there’s anything wrong with that………usually). The guy was fair at best the first time. Had I realized it, he never would have gotten an invite the second time – and the first time, I blew him!

He did an ok job on my dick, but a little breeze at that point would have gotten me off. Me dumping my load was not testament to his oral abilities.

I had a huge load and told him to start swallowing. To his credit, he didn’t gag, but I was soon to learn that was because he was storing it all in his mouth and nothing entering his throat or going down his windpipe by accident.

Immediately he got up and walked quickly to the bathroom. I was deflated, knowing what he was doing. It only made matters worse when I heard him fricking gargling!!! The fucker opened my hotel mouthwash and started cleaning out his mouth AFTER he spit my load down the sink.

I’m a master swallower and even if a guy’s load is bitter, I do my job and gulp it down. I’m not saying my load tastes bad or good – I don’t know with this load – but I didn’t really give a fuck either.

I hustled him out as fast as he could get out of there.

Not long after, I had another guy who answered. The guy was hot. Nice dick – nice face – nice body. But I told him I had already gotten my load off – and that is was a not great experience, but he talked me into inviting him over anyway. I’m sorry to say I’ve never been great about getting load #2 off so quickly, but what the hell.

I had things to do, so I multi-tasked and started taking a shower. I left the door ajar in case he showed ….and he did.

He came into the bathroom and pulled the curtain back. He grasped my soaped up dick and started stroking it. It felt good and I was instantly hard. And I mean HARD.

I hopped out of the shower and he was already naked and waiting for me. The guy had an expert mouth – and I should say he could have blown me all day long. He kept saying anytime I’m in town, I should call him because unlike the first guy, he’d give me what I needed.

I let him edge me for awhile and I was laying back on the bed when I told him I wanted to unload. And he went for it. Perfect.

…or so I thought.

As I started to shoot, he just let the load slide out of his mouth, down my shaft and into my pubes. WTF?????????

…and he was fuckin happy to do it. Thinking he was doing ME a great favor. He wasn’t. So now, not only was I already showered and had one bad blowjob – now I had a second massive load that was clumping in my short hairs…..along with a good blowjob but a bad finish.

It is possible it is me – but I don’t think so. A true eater gets the load. Always.

Maybe I should just stick to eating – and give up on the feeding aspect.


rawTOP said...

People are weird... When I hookup I don't cum unless it's in the guy's ass - some guys think it's weird that I won't cum in their mouth or cum on them, but to me if I'm fucking them there's only one place the cum should go...

I guess when the bottoms I fuck jack off after I've given them a load - their load goes to waste. There are cases where I'd be game to suck them a bit and swallow their load, but most of the time they just want me to be a top and aren't interested in sharing their load.

In the first Dawson movie (20 Load Weekend) there's a shot of a huge puddle of cum on the floor and they were showing it like it was hot or something. I made a comment to Max (the director) about it and he was a bit put off by my comment - though now most of his movies have internal cum shots - so he must have eventually gotten the point...

But yeah, cum shouldn't go to waste like that. I mean the one guy had your cum in his mouth - if he's going to taste it, why not swallow it? It's not like it's safer to not swallow...

Michael said...

What a waste, I always and I mean always swallow.

Ad said...

Yep, totally agree: this is one of the biggest turnoffs that can happen. Cum should go into an asshole after which, it should preferably be licked out, mixed with some even more tasty ass content. The second best option is depositing it past the throat. Then there is no way to get it out of the system, unless a person has superb gag reflexes, which is also not too bad: In that case I'd gladly take my own sperm back, mixed with his saliva.

Anonymous said...

or you could just grow the fuck up.

Sweet Me said...

....said the pussy who had to post anonymously.

Anonymous said...

HIV can be transmitted by oral too if there is a small cut in the mouth, a bit dangerous. I don't swallow even I want to.

Ad said...

what is this anonymous talking about ? Is he here just to be offended? This is a weblog dealing with bare fucking anyway, which is an ultimately more risky business then swallowing cum. Most readers here have made a concious decision about that.
I've always been tought that it's a sin to let perfectly good fresh food go to waste. Even more so if it is such delicious high protein nectar.
I hate vids where guys are opening their mouths wide when the other is about to cum and then make every effort not to get it inside and if it happens accidentally they let it drip out.
It just is an awful turnoff for a guy like me, who, as said in an earlier post here, prefers the cum that's been breeding in an asshole