Saturday, December 01, 2007

One more bookstore story and then I have no more for a bit – as I am not traveling by this establishment for the next few weeks.

Again, I arrived sometime in late afternoon. This is a very blue-collar area, so I assume(d) that the people populating the ABS would be shift workers. The parking lot was packed, but no one seemed to be back in the booth area after I paid my entrance fee and wandered into dark. Apparently all the men were next door at the titty bar. Oh well. I wasn’t about to let $10 go to waste – I plopped myself in a booth to watch some bad porn. Seriously, some of the worst porn I had ever seen – gay and straight. Bad amateur porn would have been much better!

One or two guys came by for a look-see, but nothing that even remotely captured my interest. Hell, I hadn’t even taken my cock out yet – as I did not want it to infer interest until I was good and ready.

But as these things have a way of happening, the movies (as bad as they might be), the atmosphere and the horny man inside my brain always get the better of me. I started looking at guys in a sexual way that in normal everyday activity I might not in other circumstances.

A man in his late 50s or early 60s was now in the booth across the way from me. He was peering out to see if I was looking at him. Clearly I was. He hauled out a decent 7” dick which was very thick. I was game at this point.

He came over and I went down on him. He let me blow him for about 10 minutes before he insisted on going down on me. I can take or leave that from just about anyone, but figured if I let him swing on it for a bit, I could finish him off and move on to another guy.

As he was down there, another guy walked into the booth. Maybe early 30s…slim, pale, glasses, bald but with a skull cap. Not unattractive, just like he was post-chemo and continually fighting off a cold.

He unzipped and hauled out a decent looking dick. 7” and the smoothest skin I can remember on a dick in a long time. I know this because I leaned over and took him in my mouth while the other guy sucked me. Eventually the other guys stood up and I alternated between the two.

When I was on the younger guy, the older guy couldn’t hold back and started to pop his nut. I tried to get back on it, but he wouldn’t let me!!! Instead of making a mess everywhere, the younger guy leaned over and caught it in his hand. At first he was going to offer it to me, but then rubbed it all over his cock and pointed at it. Knowing exactly what to do, I went down on his dick and cleaned off the other guy’s spooge.

Those acts don’t happen that often and it is such a hot thing to do. And for whatever reason the sperm tastes and feels so different if you do not take it from the spout. I’m not even sure the provider of the jizz even knew any of this happened, and the younger guy didn’t seem to give any reaction to what had just happened – like he did it every day. …and maybe he did for all I know.

After the older man got himself together and left, I tried working on the younger guy, but I couldn’t seem to get him fully hard. I figured it out soon enough when he went down on me – he was probably more of a cocksucker than a feeder (just like me!). While he was on his knees, another guy appeared at the door. And what a fuckin guy he was.

Brush cut – standing maybe 5’10”, full build with a local high school wrestling t-shirt on. He was too old to be a student – since he was probably late 30s, but looked the part where he could be a wrestling coach!! Hot stocky build and when he opened up his jeans – out fell a nice 8” dick.

While younger guy was still down on me, I went down on this guy. He fuckin loved it – but trust me, so did I!!! Naturally the younger guy wanted a piece of it and who could blame him. Coach (as he’ll be known from here out) and started playing with my nipples which was totally hot. But without too much warning, he was gone.

The younger guy still wanted to suck me, but Coach had me riled up and I wasn’t looking for anything less – so I went out into the maze looking for him. As it turns out, I ran into him in the hall and he asked if I was leaving. Without a word I went into another booth – and he followed.

Calling me a dirty cocksucker, I was on my knees in my suit taking out his hardening dick. I gave it everything I had because the cock was so hot and so was the man. I did not want to disappoint on any level. And I don’t think I did.

Coach, I think, would have liked to be dirtier than the location allowed, though I was willing to do whatever was necessary. On a number of occasions his cellphone rang and he said he should answer it and tell whomever was calling what I was doing to him. I’m not sure what kind of reaction he excepted of me, but I completely encouraged him to do just that.

With my response came a series of name-calling and telling me he thought he should shoot his load all over my suit, tie and dress shirt. Though I hate to lose any seed, I would have worn that load proudly wherever he opted to deposit it.

Luckily for me, and I think for him the entire load went in my mouth. Sometimes I think guys will say those things (about shooting certain places) not only to try to turn the eater on, but to gauge our reaction to see if we are receptive to swallowing their batter. It’s a passive-aggressive thing, that if the guy does it right, works perfectly – for him and the eater.

At that point, I didn’t really care where the load went – as long as it wasn’t on the floor.

It was not a huge huge load, but I’m guessing this guy doesn’t go without, no matter where his travels lead him.

After he left, I noticed the younger guy still hanging out. I almost felt bad that I ditched him for someone hotter - but that's life. I made it up to him though. He looked into my booth and there I was, standing on the seat with my crotch at his mouth level.

He said he could take the load, but he started gagging and spurting before I even began to shoot. Granted he eventually took it, but I was afraid I'd have jism all over my pants. ...and no one wants that.

All in was a good day.

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