Friday, December 28, 2007

Dropping a 3 Week Load

Sorry for the delay in posting anything. Between work and the holidays I haven't had much time to play, let alone commit the experiences to the blog.

Actually, I haven't played since my last post. I tried when I was down in Lynchburg, VA (home of Jerry Falwell and Liberty University). I posted an ad on craigslist and I was surprised (yet, kind of not) on how many responses I got. For a such a fundamentalist place there were quite a few men (and boys) who were looking for action. The harder and longer you keep them suppressed, the more filthy and desperate they become.

Anyway, due to timing of my visit there, I never actually got to hook-up with anyone, though I think it would have been fun to see how they operate. At least I know they exist for my next trip.

As I have mentioned, I rarely jack-off between my encounters and since I have not posted since close to first of the month it means exactly what you think it does. Until yesterday, I had not gotten my nut since the 1st of December. I was 2 days shy of a four week build up.

Even though I would much rather take than give, I felt the need to dump this seed. Two days ago I tried to get rid of it. None of the guys I contacted could find time for it or me. So I hit a park. Still nothing. I don't fancy myself to be good looking or anything, so I hate hate hate it when I am the best looking one cruising. I finally ran into a guy who used to work where I did who sucked me off almost a year ago.......but he was more interested in going home and napping before an evening shift.

It was not until yesterday that I hit the bulls eye. I left work early (it is a slow week) and hit the park again. I was sure I was doomed for the same scenario. After about 45 minutes of waiting, I opted to leave. As I was proceeding to go, I passed a true blue-collar guy in his work van. Hotter than hell but someone I was sure was looking for some head. I was ok with that. You know I'd much rather swallow than be swallowed. So imagine my surprise when he pulled up to me and told me he wanted to suck me dry.

I tried to talk him into switching back and forth, but he was 100% eater. I showed him my dick right there in the park - something I almost never do just because I do not want to get busted there. Luckily he lived close by and so I followed him home.

Standing in his front room, he asked if I wanted upstairs or the playroom. Well - DUH. I picked the latter. However, on the way to it we had to pass the kitchen where what turned out to be his lover was preparing dinner. He looked at us and went back to his business.

Getting down the playroom, "Chris" does indeed confirm that the guy in the kitchen was his lover and that they have a very open relationship. Apparently.

Now - you guys know I'm more than a little experienced, but I almost hate to admit that I've never been in a full-on playroom. Stockades. Slings. Shelving filled with assorted whips, dildoes, lubes, poppers, magazines and videos. It was more like a store. Oh - and mirrors: above and to the side of everything. Being a complete exhibitionist and voyeur, I loved that!

He was down on my dick in almost nothing flat. I told him how long it had been and this time I made sure to explicitly say that the load had to be swallowed. He agreed. Anyway, I had to pace myself, as my trigger was on a lower setting. Almost anything could have gotten me off immediately. Concentration was the name of the game.

My shoes and pants were off in a flash. Soon, I was in the sling, with him sucking my dick. Not horribly comfortable for him, but I loved it. I liked looking up in the above mirror and seeing him not only going down on me, but then munching on my ass. It was a very hot sight.

Deep down, I was hoping his partner would come down and join us. I was really hoping that he'd come down and fuck me while I was in the sling - but apparently they let each other play without interruption. So there was no luck there for me.

Eventually, Chris wanted to be on his knees in front of me while I pounded his face. I could do that - but I warned him that things would be over sooner than later. He was ok with that - and so was I.

It wasn't long until I was shooting and filling his mouth. He held it all there. He made froth and foam of my sperm and continued to show me until I grasped his throat and told him to 'swallow my fuckin' seed'. He obliged.

On the way out, my balls about 2lbs lighter, he stops and introduces me to his lover: (fill in name here), this is the guy from the park. Guy from the park, this is (fill in name here). I nodded and really just wanted to head to the door. I wasn't look to make friends.

I don't know if the lover recognized me or not, but I'm 99% sure he sucked me off about 18 mos earlier when I went to his leather store to buy a harness.

The world of anonymous gay hook-ups is a small small one.


rawTOP said...
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rawTOP said...

Lynchburg? Damn! I spent two years there... One in Falwell's high school, another in his college. Still have family in the area...

I don't know how you can go without cumming for that long. After about 5 to 7 days I absolutely have to cum and the smallest thing will get me to cum...