Saturday, March 01, 2008


Who knew?

February 2008 I had the best number of hits yet on this blog.

After I got my content warning in October, you can see what that did to my traffic. Worse than a bad day on the NASDAQ.

A fellow adult blogger offered to host my blog for me after that instance, and I was greatly appreciative. But I did weigh the number of people and sites that are linked to me - many of whom I don't really know of. Getting them to change the URL and keep that reverse my traffic slow-down seemed even more difficult to deal with.

But people have found their way back. Not only did I best the number of hits by almost 500 - note that September had two less days in the month than February. So, I could have potentially hit almost 15,000 (I get about 450-520 hits per day).

I will not go as far to say I'm becoming a blogger star (no flash photography, please!!!!), but I'm finding when I'm traveling out of town and place and ad here or there......I have been getting more responses like 'are you the guy who has the blog?' or 'is this same BikeGuy of the blog'.

It is kind of cool, yet kind of weird. I haven't sought out 'fame' (hey - it's all relative!) or fortune (yeah - there is noooooo money in this). I also really haven't sought out to be noticed from Jon Q. Pubic (yes, I know the 'l' is missing!).

I have not posted that many pictures of myself in the blog and it is a little disconcerting that folks will relate those pics to anything I might post in an ad (which btw, does not have my name in them), but I have also not have had any of those contacts want to hook up.

And can you blame them? If they read with any regularity, they know I post and print the good and the bad. .....and who would ever want to be part of the latter group? Not me.

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