Saturday, March 08, 2008

Taking One

Not all of my last business trip were missed opportunities and simulated coronary arrest.

I did get a guy who said: Am 6', 180, 49, blue eyes, salt n pepper hair, moderately hairy. Am not particularly vocal, but enjoy good head, rimming a clean ass, and am generally a top if it comes to that.


It came to that.

I had so many misses by this point, I needed a hit. Or at least a tap. And he did - of my ass.

He was all of the things he said and his picture was pretty accurate. And not vocal at all. We started right over at the bed and never really left. I sucked him as he stood at bedside and then he got me on my stomach so he could go to munching on my butt.

Well, that's only going to get me riled for a plugging. And with some coersion, that's what he did. That 'if it came to that' really had to get him talked into. Not a lot - but even though he says he's a top, I don't think he does it much - kind of like me.

He was ok at it, but not great. He didn't have a lot of technique, but he shot a nice sized load.

Of course, it just made me hungry for more.

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