Friday, March 28, 2008

Kansas City - Here I Cum

Well, I went there. I didn't cum there.

No - I'm on my almost 8th week without an ejaculation. Yeah - you don't have to say it, I'm a fuckin' freak.

It's true, I did not cum in KC, but at least one other guy did. A divorced guy with a nice 8" schlong. But really, I was more impressed by his girth (see below).


He stretched my mouth open good and really was only there for the sucking. There was no looking at, touching or fellating of mine. There was no fucking or ass eating. It is possible he was straight, but I would assume he was bi.

I started on the hotel sofa but he soon had me on my knees making sure I kept sucking him. No jacking. No talking. No nothing but my lips on his shaft.

His hands found my head and held me firm, as he wanted to fuck my face. Fine by me. I like it and lord knows I can take it. The thickness at the base of his shaft certainly made it a challenge for me to take him to his cockring, but not to worry folks - I did it.

The cockring was purely decorative (and do straight guys really use or own cockrings? seriously - I've never known of one). He did not need it to make himself any harder, though maybe it does make the cock look a bit more rigid...or even bigger. But I think it would have been a to speak.

He did mumble some stuff and called me 'faggot' under his breath. And you know I'm ok with guys saying it right out loud to me. Hell - I prefer it. I'm sure it would delve deep into my psychological background, but it makes ME harder.

Even during the process he said he was good for multiple loads, I wondered if he would. The majority of guys - especially "straight" - are good for the cum and go. But not time and again at the same session.

The guy had a more than decent load. Good volume and decent taste - though it did have a bit of a bitter after-taste. But whatta gonna do? You gotta eat!


Anonymous said...

Why are you denying yourself orgasms?

Anonymous said...

"A man's gotta eat!"

Dieselpump said...

The stories are good, man.
The pictures are even better.

But whoa man, 8 weeks?! I'm impressed.

Keep it up.