Sunday, March 02, 2008

Second Fiddle

As much as I wanted my last trip to be a pigfest between work gigs, and as much as January was a plethora of cum (though never enough) - February and this trip were not.

Not to say I didn't get some of what I needed. Just not all. And it is a need - not a want.

This first encounter was not a success. A series of emails of a promising dick and a man willing to travel on a crappy night.

He stood about 6'5", slim and of mixed ethnicity with eyes you could almost see through in an intriguing yet freaky kind of way. He also had about 8.5" - that were as slender as he was. He also looked like he had 'hustler' written all over him.


After he was in the door, he seemed more interested in sucking me, than getting serviced - and let's face it, I'm pretty blunt about what I'm looking for. I really do not understand the attempting at turning the tables like this.

Why travel this kind of distance and take up everyone's time (including his) when it's not what either are looking for and everyone goes away disappointed.......or at least frustrated??

I did get to swing on his cock and took a few picture of which he was very into - but mostly because he wanted new pics of his cock. I didn't really supply them because they all have my face firmly planted in them - save the one above.

While I was deep-throating him, he takes a call. I'm kind of into that, especially when the person on the other phone is clued into what's going on. I like it when they talk about me as if I'm not even there.

But this other guy didn't know. My guy was making arrangements to meet the other guy. How to get into the building and where he'd be waiting, etc.

I was the warm-up act. My guy was saving the load for his main act. I understood - but I didn't have to like it.


rawTOP said...

That's pretty low - making plans with one bottom while you've got another one working your dick...

Cleveland bottom guy said...

Man, that's seriously fucked up! All that buildup and he didn't even feed you?