Saturday, July 19, 2008

Baby, I'm The Cat

Ok, I know this is dating me, but I have been in regular on and off contact with a guy I met on mIRC eons ago. Since I think that program has been dead (or is it still around?) for at least 10 years - we've "known" each other for about 15. Odd isn't it?

I ran into him on-line this weekend and he knows about the blog and he had this observation about me. He said I was like a cat. Naturally, I had to inquire how that might be. Here was his response:
  • Easy on the eyes (a cat would readily're a bit modest)
  • Smart, savvy, good at sizing things up and adapting
  • Works alone
  • Looking for ... encounters
  • Looking for ... prey
I can agree with that - except maybe the easy on the eyes part......but that is my issue and I have no perspective I don't think.

I don't completely work alone, as there must be other guys in play for me to get their nut and then chronicle all those events here. ....and I think you guys know I don't put all of those encounters to this blog. Some just are not interesting enough - for good or bad.

But his comments were interesting ones - and he did give me permission to use them. So bud - there you go. You're famous by association. : )

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