Wednesday, July 02, 2008

2nd One in a Day

After the mixed race guy left, I was still horny (shock!) as I had not gotten off.

Not that I needed or wanted to get off, but since I hadn’t, my sex drive was still in fast gear. From the original ad I placed, a number of people had contacted me looking for action.

As usual, many were dismissed for not reading what the ad was actually for, or that they don’t get that 5’6” and 200 lbs is not ‘ht/wt proportional’. I have nothing against those guys, but it was not what I was looking for. We all have our preferences. Or worse, your ad says stats required and they come back with “lets hook up to have some fun” – and that is their entire response.

One guy I hook up with is amazed I will meet without guys sending me pictures, and I’m willing to take my chances on a lot of things – but not on a response that sparse that not only doesn’t have the stats I asked for, but non-committal types of ‘fun’.

Anyway, one of the guys who did leave me a message said he was a smooth (as in not hairy, versus suave) black guy who liked hairy white guys. I’m one of those!

I’m not sure if he realized it, but we had chatted a number of times before via Manhunt.

He worked close by and biked over. Again, he was smart enough to get around the key card accessed elevators. He knocked. I opened.

He was thinner than the other guy and true to his word, nary a grown-up hair on his body. I don’t think she shaved or anything – this was just natural. Like the other guy, he had an 8” dick which was dark dark dark. And curved! I have never had this many curved dicks in my life, let alone in a row.

There was very little foreplay with this guy. A little sucking on my part, but mostly it was him getting me on my stomach and mounting me from behind.

Though I’m sure since I had been “violated” a little while earlier, his cock went in with ease. His curve was pretty severe, so I expected some uncomfortable feelings. Maybe his cock just fit with my insides, but it actually felt great.

The guy was all business. No talking. Definitely no talking dirty – though near the end I spurred him on a bit. It was his hands holding my wrists down in front of me while he assaulted my ass. Not a bad way to be assaulted, if you ask me.

He got close and I could tell. This is when I prompted him to tell me what he was doing. He said he was going to cum. I asked where. He told me ‘deep up your fuckin’ ass’. Yeah – exactly what I wanted to hear.
And he delivered as promised. And I took it….gladly. It was a good day

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