Tuesday, July 08, 2008

BikeGuy Throws a Fuck

What is happening to me?

As you go through my 200+ posts, you can count on one hand how many times I’ve topped during the life of this blog.

Orally, yeah – I’ve let myself get serviced a number of times, but I’m not talking fellatio here. No, this is backdoor action.

A week or two ago, I was contacted by some guy via craigslist. It is possible I contacted him, but to be honest, I cannot remember at this point. He wanted to suck me and I was coming off that last bad blowjob where the guy spilled my own load out of his mouth into my own pubes.

The guy (no idea what his name is) had me come by his place of employ to do this. It was a workday, but I was in route from my home office to a client, so I stopped. The bar wasn’t open yet, but the door was. I walked in. We introduced and he locked the door and we went into the office.

He was not bad looking. 6’, maybe 170. Swarthy looks – I’m guessing Italian. Olive skin, with little chest hair. What hair he had anywhere was jet black. He also had a nice dick – I’d say 8”, very fat and uncut. The guy was a pretty good cocksucker. Not great, but pretty good. I was horned up and I made sure he was going to take the load. He said it wouldn’t be a problem. …and it wasn’t. He sucked, he swallowed. I was on my way.

But he kept emailing me – and wanting more. He loved the fact that I am “married”. …and by that, he saw the ring I was wearing and made assumptions. I took that little nugget and ran with it. Call it role-play, call it deceit, call it whatever you want. Guys lie – whatever it takes to get what they want.

The following week I ended up at his semi-dump of an apartment and he was there, door ajar, him waiting for me to find him in the bedroom. He was stripped and laying face down on the red sheets. He crawled over to me, but stayed on the bed, as I stood beside it. His hand went to my zipper and pulled it down. It took both his hands to keep the opening open and fish my hardening 8” dick out of my fly.

He sucked and he did a better job than the week prior. I let him go at it for awhile, but pushed him away when I’d start thinking of finishing that way. I would then direct him to my balls. He asked how many days there were in there and I told him 7 days. You could see him calculating in his head that he had been with me 7 days ago.

“Dude. You haven’t gotten off since then? Haven’t you fucked your wife?”. I told him I hadn’t, which technically was not a lie. Anyway, I pushed him off my dick and told him I wasn’t there to get sucked off again – as we had discussed in email we both wanted more. I told him to ‘lube me up’.
He grabbed his bottle and poured it on me, generously. I was slick. I was hard. I was ready.

This guy said he’d never been fucked bare before and only seen it in the movies. He also said he hadn’t been fucked since November 2007. I slid in with little resistance. Men lie.

I pulled this guy (g-d, I’ve got to give him a name), to the edge of the bed, as I never ventured on to it. His ass was at the side of the bed, me standing behind him, sliding in and out of him at various rates and degrees of intensity. If I hurt him at all, he kept it to himself. I wasn’t looking to hurt him, but I wasn’t really worrying about it at the same time. I guess all those hundreds and hundreds of times of getting fucked myself, I picked up on a thing or two from those tops.

I provided him the dirty mouth he was hoping for. Obviously, I’ve been in his place physically and mentally, so I knew all the right things to say. One that I swear pushed him over the edge (and he later confirmed with me) was, “you like me doing to you what I did to my wife to make our kids?”. Possibly over the top, but he bought it hook, line and sinker.

I ended up fucking him for about 20 minutes or so – slowing down now and again to keep the magic going and to not have it end too soon. I liked the look of my dick going into him. All slick, all big, all long.




I reached into my shirt pocket and pulled out my cellphone and snapped these – since I do this so infrequently, I thought it would be good to get some kind of photographic evidence.

They are not great since there was no flash, but on the other hand, he had no idea I had taken them. Normally I would say, but my thought was – it does nothing to reveal or expose him (so to speak).

Around the 20 minute mark, I flooded his guts. I couldn’t hold back. I buried it in him and I let it go. I could feel myself spasm in him. I didn’t ask if he could feel it – but I told him I was shooting, so he knew.

That pushed him over his edge. He let his load go right into and onto his red sheets.

He went and grabbed me a washcloth afterwards and I noticed I had lube on the bottom of my dress shirt. I told him I would have to throw it in the dry cleaning bag before my wife saw it and got suspicious.

I hit the road and made it home with him writing me a thank you email and wondering when we can do it all again.


Anonymous said...

no condom? you really are an amoral slut...

Anonymous said...

Love the pics- they added an extra something to the story. Hopefully you will continue adding action pics in future entries.

Anonymous said...

OY hot post. Damm you need to fuck me if you come to Seattle. Or at least trade blowjobs.

j in Seattle

Anonymous said...

well. maybe you are changing roles. i've heard from older guys that first they were bottoms and later on they became tops or vice versa. try it more often see what happens.