Tuesday, July 29, 2008

2 Night @ Crew Club

For all the time I have spent on the road, one thing I have not done is hit the baths.

But this last trip I found it almost necessary. Some dipshit for Craigslist was systematically going through and flagging all the ads, which prompts CL to delete them all. It made getting laid extremely difficult. It also bought me a temporary (?) ban from being able to post there, at least under my email address.

Gay.com was not much better in terms of hook-ups and I've sworn off Manhunt, because it costs and it just doesn't work.

So off to the baths it was. After getting a 30 day membership (I'll be back next month!), I opted to get a locker. If I really liked someone who wasn't into the public sex aspect of it or didn't have a room - I had a hotel about 3 blocks away.

I haven't been to the tubs anywhere in over a decade. Not much has changed. Sauna. Shower. Steam Room. Private rooms. Lockers. Work out equipment (which I've never ever ever seen anyone use). This place did not have a darker video room. And like many baths - this also did not have a gloryhole room. Shame.

But I've always had luck in the steam room, so off I went. At first it wasn't very steamy, but I forget how they pump it in there on an interval basis. ...not really remembering this early enough gave me a nice 1st degree burn on my leg as I was standing next to where they pump it out from.

While in there though, I was immediately offered a hot daddy dick. I went down and he held my head and pumped my face. Soon enough, others gathered around to watch - including one hunky hunky man who's own fat dick was within lip reach. I went back and forth between the two - but the daddy guy made a move to finger the hot guy's ass, which he didn't want. He left.

Daddy followed - not like anyone was thinking he had a second shot. But other guys were there and suck-swaps ensued. Nothing great. I headed to the sauna. Zilch.

Unfortunately, I'm pretty blind w/out my glasses, so going through the hallways and looking into darkened rooms with guys in them, with the lights off is always a risky scene. I could end up with StudMan or one of the trolls living under the bridge in the 3 Billgoats Gruff story.

Back to the steam room for me. Another ok daddy, but one with a nice 8" stiff stiff dick. Viagra? I'm assuming. He did turn me around in there and I will say I love this about the steam room - I sweat so much, it is the only lube you'd need. It's all we used.

He pushed into me and went to town. No thought to who he was throwing the fuck to. Just pounded and pumped. A few guys watching. It's always amazing how no one says anything in there. Just the sound of steam.

After about 7 minutes, there was the sound of a groan as he unloaded up my ass. The crowd dispersed quicker than I would have thought. Actually, I thought someone would have taken his place - but it didn't happen. I had to leave shortly after that, as it was 2a and I had to leave for work at 7a.

The next night was a rainy one. The crowd was fewer. A few hunky guys. Two of whom I saw go into one room. The noises that ensued told me they both got their nut. The cuter of the two left shortly after. About 3o minutes later, the other guy joined me in the sauna. Eventually we went back to his room.

He had an ok dick, but was much more interested in mine. I get that. I couldn't figure out his deal. He liked to come close to my face/lips, but would not touch. Would not kiss. He seemed starved for affection or attention - unloved but not unlovable.

He loved rubbing my beard with his hands. Slowly, gently gliding over it with his fingers. As if exploring a man for the first time. Since he had been with someone else not that long ago, I knew this not to be the case.

But the man was a liar. How much of one, I don't know. And I don't care. He claimed he hadn't been with anyone else or gotten off. My Spidey senses told me otherwise.

He had rubbers, but didn't want to fuck. He had lube but didn't use it. He had a pierced nipple but claimed to be married - to a woman. Maybe. Maybe not.

We did eventually get around to fucking. Him in me. Him bare. Him hesitant. Him claiming he would not cum in me - as he was married (huh?). Him eventually pulling out, kneeling over my chest and shooting his pretty big load into my goatee - and at the last minute, my opened mouth with extended tongue. (it tasted good.)

After that, he wanted to cuddle (huh?) and do more gentle stroking of my goatee and stubble. It was then he told me he worked for the Department of Health. Maybe he did - perhaps he did not. He had told so many "stories" it was hard to believe.

But on the other hand, I think most of those guys who work there are hypocrites....so you never know. I don't think he was there doing research. Do you?

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