Saturday, July 12, 2008

Office Suck - Redux

When you got a good deal – why fuck it up?

Invariably I am sure I will, but for at least one more time, I ran with it.

I had a second meeting at the law office with the big-dicked attorney. He works alone in the office on Friday, but I still couldn’t get over there before 4p due to my schedule.

Clearly it is casual Friday for him, as he was in a golf shirt and shorts. I was in full suit & tie.

Immediately upon my arrival, we were in his office, door closed and locked (just in case). His pants were down, and my zipper got pulled south to free up BikeGuy Jr.


Yup – that’s me. Or at least, part of me - in his office.

Like last time, we swapped off on taking each other. Him taking me down to the root – me, just "learning how to suck dick".


This is me "tentatively" putting my lips on his cock!

The entire session turned out ok, but nothing more than that. See - I'm already fucking it up. I've had him twice and I'm already becoming bored. That is so my M.O.

The guy is ok, but except for his dick, I'm not drawn to him in anyway shape or form. ....which I guess is what I'm usually about. But even those are usually one-timers. He is a perfect candidate for a gloryhole dick that I would service over and over again.

As it turns out, he is changing jobs and firms. He has no idea what his set-up will be like and if he can host. So my issues might be moot anyway.

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DTNZ said...

Wow - the man himself.

Nice cock and nice lips. Thems the lips of a cocksucker:)