Thursday, February 19, 2009

Group Suck Off

2009 continues my streak of giving loads as opposed to getting them. I’m not sure I’m down with this idea, but some of these things are out of my hands.

Take last Friday night. I went to this guy’s house who had sucked me a few weeks back. I didn’t write about it, but will catch you up now.

Glenn was a referral to me from some guy who had sucked me a LONG time ago. The guy referring almost knows he’s never getting my big dick again, but he keeps hounding me or throwing me favors like this in hope of turning the tide. But you can’t turn a tide – he just doesn’t seem to get that.

On a whim, I called Glenn. He was receptive to the idea and had heard about my penis. Fuck – who hasn’t? Or seen it? C’mon – look at it. It’s not so bad, right???

And it’s not like I’m a wallflower. Anyway, we made plans for me to go over the other week and I did.

In his house, I sat on his couch while straight porn played. Oh yeah – he might have thought I was straight and married. He assumed. I didn’t confirm or deny. And as it turns out, I don’t mind good straight porn. This was not, but eh, whatta gonna do?

Glenn started off good enough. The tongue on the underside of my shaft felt great and is everything I want a feeder to feel when I’m doing it to him. His mouth was fair, but to hear him tell it he was an expert cocksucker. He was ok.

He could get my cock all the way down his throat, but not without a little discomfort on my end. I can’t say it was really teeth I was feeling, but some kind of constriction and chaffing that remained obvious for the duration. I would tell him to watch his teeth, as that was the only thing I had to go on of what it actually might be. Now and again, he relaxed his mouth/throat enough to do it with less noticeable discomfort.

After a while I just pretty much willed myself to shoot and I delivered a one day load. The plan was for a 5 day load, but the day before, I found a guy to eat that (that’s another story, I guess). Even with a 24 hour build up, he took it all but mentioned how much cum there was.

I’ve used that line on guys to make the feel good about themselves, but the reality is, I usually do shoot a lot on a one-day load. And I could feel the pulses and the jizz was extracted. I thanked him and left.

A few weeks later, I was on his side of town and called him, as it was nearing the end of the workday and work week. He hemmed and hawed on meeting me until he told me he had one or maybe two other guys coming over to get serviced.


“Invite me”.

I was being pushy, for sure, but fuck do I like an audience. And I wanted to watch too. He told me to call back in 10 minutes so he could clear it. I did – and he did. It was a go.

I got there first. I’m nothing if not punctual. The door was left open. I left my shoes at the front hallway and made my way to the location as before. Porn playing. Lights dimmed. A pillow for him to kneel on while he performed his acts of “love”.

Glenn is a very average looking guy. I can say that, because I am too. I know from average. Late 40s with an ok body. If he had a dick, I never saw it as he kept it covered.

I thought we’d wait for the others to arrive, but after 10 minutes, clearly they were late or not coming. We got going. He gnawed on my crotch through my tan suit. I knew it would dry before I ever left his house, so I let him go at it – and I like doing it myself, so I like seeing things from a feeder’s end.

The cock was out in a relatively short time. Pants off. Briefs off. Dick out and hard. His mouth on my prick. It was basically the same scenario as before with the same results. To be honest, I’m proud that I could keep my cock so hard. But to be honest, I think it was in anticipation of two other guys sitting next to me on that couch.

After about 30 minutes, I assume no one else was showing when one guy did. Mike was his name, or so I was told. Mike had been there before. With the minimal talking that goes on at something like this, it was hard to do some information gathering. But Mike fessed up to being there three times before.

As Glenn went back and forth between us, Mike became a bit more verbal, but I wasn’t really pushing for information as these scenarios are supposed to be discrete. But Mike had a girlfriend and he wasn’t getting it at home. It was Glenn who coughed up that fact that Mike had been there three times that week! I think he is a very very frequent visitor.

Mike was a decent looking Hispanic guy. Maybe mid-20s, husky body, but not fat. His dick was though. Maybe 5.5”, but thick. He sat right next to me watching my rod get swallowed, and then I’d return that favor and watch his disappear.

I was kind of holding off but the teeth or whatever were beginning to distract me and the dick was feeling it and it made it harder to keep, well…..hard. But just then, John came in the door.

This guy was not an ideal. Very thin and not attractive. And very very gay. Or at least, gay-acting. In any other world he’d have been the one on his knees, but fuck – look who is talking writing here! I shouldn’t cast judgment.

But having a third gave BikeGuy Jr. a new life….for a while. I knew time was limited though. Glenn was working for it too. I think he wanted to get me off and then get to the other two. That’s ok, I had places to be and at this point had been there for almost an hour.

The words, “faggot” and “cocksucker” may have come out of my mouth. While John was silent on this, Mike certainly agreed that Glenn was just that. Looking at Mike looking at Glenn take me down, I got aroused and held onto Glenn’s head and popped off my nut.

This one was a five dayer and he struggled a bit – against the load. Against my hand, which was holding him firm. I told him in no uncertain terms to "keep swallowing. I’m not done yet!” He got it. In every sense of the words.

Glenn did take it all….just like the time before. With barely missing a beat, he moved on to Mike. I would have loved to have stayed and watched, but I did have to get moving. I guess that is the problem with going first – I think it would have been hotter to see Mike blow in his mouth and then take my turn.

Maybe next time.


cb said...

I see nothing wrong with you giving some spunk back after having received so much last year! :-)

(awk)Word said...

Catching up on your posts... very hot!