Sunday, February 01, 2009

New High

This last month I bested my hits by almost 5,000. Not bad - hopefully for you guys or me.

I'm greatly appreciative you guys chose to come back and that I continue to get new readers.

I still have a few new stories in me, and then of course, a few years worth that are sitting out there untouched to still bring back. I might have to use those, as my work-travel has been curtailed severely.

I will have to cultivate new 'relationships' (not emotional ones, mind you) here in town and somehow translate those to good stories for here. This could be a challenge, as I've never connected that much with men in my own city.

Fear not - I'm up for it. And of course, anyone who has new, innovative ideas on how to get laid - I'm open to hearing them.

Thanks again for coming back.

1 comment:

Kaio said...

Wow Bike guy,
Quite a nice blog. Loved reading it.
Have a great week ahead.
Cheers from London.