Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hometown Hotel Sex

This dates back a few weeks, but I’m only getting around to it now. Isn’t that always the way? Well, it seems to be lately.

I answered an ad by an ex-football jock type who was one day in town at his hotel room.

49, 6’0”, 190, salt & pepper hair, goatee. Looking to suck masculine men.

I qualified, or so I thought. He must have too as he responded to my reply immediately. My first question to him was “swallow?” The reply came back, “sometimes”.

I made it clear that sometimes was not an option it was a yes or no – and that answer would determine my arrival plans. I’ve done this enough to know that when pushed into it, they say yes, even when they mean no and then leave me hi and dry.

But he liked the pics of my dick so much, he agreed to swallow. I still went in with skeptisim.

I got his hotel, room and phone numbers. We made plans, I made calls when I was pulling up and parking. All was set.

The guy was as promised. An older ex-jock answering the door in t-shirt and briefs. I was there in suit and tie, just coming from work. Wedding band was firmly in place, as he asked (hopingly) if I was married. Since I said I was, I put on the props to make it so….or seem so.

He wanted to undress me completely, but I stopped him from taking off my tie. I told him I didn’t want to have to redress before leaving as I had a time limit and had to be home to the “wife”.

Tex (my name for him, as he is from Texas) dropped to his knees and took my hardening cock in his mouth. He did a more than admirable job. But that only last a bit as he didn’t like being on his knees that much. We moved it to the bed.

I laid back, head propped up on pillows watching Tex between my legs, licking my balls and the underside of my dick. Naturally, shortly after that, he enveloped my entire shift too. He is one of these guys you’d never expect to be a cocksucker at sight. I like that.

Tex liked the fact that I was straight. Clearly that is a fallacy. Oh well. But me being straight, in theory, gave him the gumption to push the limits. Hands went under my dress shirt and to my nipples. I responded the way I always do, but he got a charge out of it, that a straight man would feel these sensations that he thought I never really got before.

He took liberties with my nether regions also. His tongue went lower than my nuts, and while the reaction from me was genuine (it felt fuckin’ fantastic), the lie part came when he asked if I had ever had that done. I said ‘no’. It made him more brazen to lick even lower to my hole – which really got a reaction.

But my reaction sparked a chain reaction. Now he knew my hole was responsive to touch – and least tongue-touch. He thought he’d try other methods. Tex’s fingers found the hole and brushed ever so lightly over it. I flinched – in a good way. Not in a straight, I don’t do that, way. Tex took notice.

He worked on my cock with his mouth, then my nipples. My dress shirt was pushed up over them, the tie still dangling down over my torso. I put my head back so he’d know I was there to let him service me and that I was enjoying it.

Tex is what you’d expect from someone from that state. Forward. Brazen. Cocksure. So even for a cocksucker, it didn’t surprise me when he took the reins. Grabbing my head, he brought his lips to mine. I tried to “fight” it, but he was having none of it. He was going to make damned sure I kissed a man.

Yeah, I put up the struggle for a bit, but fuck he was a great kisser. His fat tongue pushed through my lips and into my mouth and throat. He was loving it – so was I, just not letting on. But he wasn’t about to stop just because he tackled that. He kept going. Tex wasn’t stupid enough to not notice how my cock responded. That only gave him more empowerment.

Tex’s hands were all over me and now outwardly teased my hole. After a while I didn’t try too too hard to fight it, but told him he shouldn’t be doing that. It didn’t really deter him that much.

He never went digit-deep, but he played on the outside and I could see the wheel turning inside. Before it went too far and I was exposed as the big old bottom fuck that I am, I told him I had to get going soon and to get back on my cock.

That shifted the power back to me a bit, because he did exactly as instructed. He worked my dick with his mouth and in a matter of minutes, I was blowing a nice creamy load into his mouth.

Any worries I had about him not swallowing quickly vanished. Big load with no gags or coughs – it slid right down his gullet. Just like a cocksucker.

He’s emailed me a few times upon a possible trip back here. He wants me again. We’ll see how much I give to him.


cb said...

You gotta see if tex will fuck you!!

BikeGuy said...

That is my ultimate plan. For him to "get me" to give it up.