Sunday, February 22, 2009

Return to Group Suck Off

It was only a week before I was back at Glenn's house for another round of three guys (myself included) getting sucked off.

This time, even though starting at 5:30, I showed up at 6p just to not be the first guy there. Wrong I was. Once again, I'm the first.

Glenn told me there were two others coming - Kyle and Leon. It amused me because without ever saying it, Kyle couldn't be a more white name and I just assumed Leon would be black. Jumping to conclusions - yes, but in the end, I was correct. He said Leon would be there in about 5 minutes.

He wanted my dick, but I held him off. I had no intention of even unleashing it before someone else showed up. Glenn did have a nice touch as he gently touched my nuts under my briefs. Other than that, I made him gnaw on the front of my pouch. Before the first guy got there, it was soaking wet.

Leon was not the next to arrive, it was Kyle. Maybe late 20s and on the heavy side. I wasn't sure about where he was coming from, but the way he treated Glenn, I was fairly certain he was a straight guy who didn't get much action. His dick was a decent thickness, but about 6.5".

I pulled out my dick as Kyle walked into the darkened room. I was standing at this point and at profile so anyone could see the nice 8+" that I have...even in silhouette.

I found Glenn's sucking improved for me standing instead of sitting like last time. Well, it felt better, but he couldn't seem to take it as easily down his throat in this position. No worries - I helped him to get it where he needed. Where I needed.

Eventually I pushed him off my dick and told him to go pay attention to his new guest, who was now sitting on the sofa. While Glenn did that, I plopped myself down too. Kyle threw his head back, reveling in the blowjob he was getting - that he probably got few other places. Clearly, this was not his first time here either.

Leon showed up during this. An older 50-ish man, he had a good body, though he never took off his shirt (nor did I - or my tie). He hung nicely for being soft. By the time he sat down, Glenn was back on my prick. I was determined not to be the first one to get off - this time I wanted to see some other guy cream his throat.

As Leon watched him blow me, I could see his dick start to rise. Not quite as long as mine, but a lot thicker. And so dark. Again, I pushed Glenn off me so he could take Leon down the throat. And though Leon enjoyed the bj, he told Glenn to suck Kyle after only a few minutes.

That was probably a good thing - as it didn't take more than 90 seconds before Kyle blew a big load in Glenn's mouth. Or a seemingly big load. We never saw it.

Leon then directed him to me. I'm not saying Leon was the ringleader at this point, but my guess is he's used Glenn more than others. To be honest, I couldn't help but reach over and give a few tugs on Leon's dick. In another place and time, I would have put my lips around his black meat. But that's not what this place was for.

Since I had not shot a load since the week before, when Glenn got my nut last, I was full and I was ready. I got verbal encouragement from both Kyle and Leon to pump it off into his mouth. Again, it was Friday evening and I had some place to be, so I actually obliged.

I've said before, I am good about controlling (for the most part) my orgasm - and can even shoot while being flaccid. I was rock hard this time though. I grabbed Glenn's head to steady him and then started shooting my sperm into his mouth. ....and I was verbal about it. Telling him to swallow and to keep going - just like the week before.

He was there for a long time, for the cum, the after effects and to clean me up. He immediately went down on Leon when he was done with me.

I stayed for a while to watch and Leon treated him like a true cocksucker. It was great. Closing his eyes, imagining who knows who else blowing him - but probably not Glenn. Grasping his head for full skull fuck. I really thought he might be close - but he wasn't.

I watched for a good 10 minutes and started to slowly put on my pants. Leon at this point had stood up and was really force feeding Glenn, but there now looked to be no end in sight. Good for Leon. Probably good for Glenn too.

I got my coat and shoes and made my way to grab drinks with friends. My balls a little lighter.

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cb said...

Sounds like this Glenn can't be THAT bad a cocksucker if you keep going back!