Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hairy Man Fuck

Man - I am sorry for being such a lazy douchebag lately. Combination of work, home-life, weather and general malaise. I will try to be better. For this, I give you what I consider one of my hottest encounters in a while (back in Dec!). I 've struggled with it, because, I cannot seem to convey what a hot time it actually was. But I'll try.....

I was in my hotel room in DC in December. As usual, it was late afternoon and I was back from a day of working and client visits. As usual, I was perusing craigslist and manhunt for some activity.

I didn’t have to look long, or even post an ad. A guy with a very appealing profile on MH messaged me. Winked, actually. Normally, I don’t respond to those. I’m not a prick about them like some are, but they usually mean nothing to me. But from the pic he had posted, I was more than intrigued.

45, 6’, 175, masculine, 7.5” and HAIRY. Not normal man hair, but real real real man hair. I believed I teased you with a cropped pic a month or two ago of him. Here is one that I took of him.

Hair like this anymore is a rarity. It is usually manscaped or something. This guy was having none of that, and I was loving it. Completely.

We exchanged a few messages via MH and then it progressed to a phone call – which, lets face it, is not the norm. Maybe he just wanted to hear if I came across as masculine. As it would turn out, he was in his office alone. Before long, his cock was out (mine already had been – as I like to be in the hotel buck naked) and he was in danger of getting too excited. He said he’d call me when he got home from work in an hour or so. True to his word, he did.

During that call, he was being coy. I don’t think he was being mean, just playing it safe as he wasn’t sure how far out on a limb he could get me without freaking me out. HA! Clearly he’d never read this blog, or he’d know how easily I don’t scare.

“David” showed up at my hotel room in track pants and a very tight, white nylon athletic shirt. Coming out of the collar of that shirt were tufts of brown hair. As for his head, David had a balding crown, which he worked well (not everyone does!) and a goatee. All natural colored and looking very masculine.

Immediately our lips locked. I knew from the word go, that not only would we have the sex, but the intimacy that could go along with it. As you’ve seen here, the majority of time, it is about the mechanics of sex – which is just fine! But now and again you see that even in its animal instinct phases, there is, for lack of a better word – passion.

This isn’t ‘love’, it is just personalizing the sex a bit more than ‘bend over’. I have been a huge fan of both.

Our hands were all over each other. Eventually, we stripped each other.

The man had an incredible body. But for that, he was very humble about it. In turn, I have a very average body but he seemed to revel in it – calling me "gorgeous". Admittedly, I was a little flattered and a lot embarrassed, as I know that is not the case. I also know attractions are in the eye of the beholder, but nothing about me warrants that kind of reaction. …what can I say, I’m self-loathing.

David was a great kisser and it was hot to feel his lips against mine – and our goatees against each other. Hands roamed everywhere, from both of us, while this went on – exploring each other and getting very into it.

David’s dick was out and hard (as was mine). It was a nice length and as you can see, it is straight as an arrow (and a really really nice vein that goes around it about an inch below the head). I’m not one of these guys who expounds about curved over straight shafts – they are all good and you just have to adjust to taking them certain ways depending on what you get.

I went down on my knees – not that David didn’t help me a bit on that job, but it is not like I was protesting where he had to force me. I know my place. I absolutely loved being there and taking his prick into my mouth.

I loved the feel and taste of it. I loved his reaction.

David insisted on showering before coming over, even though I told him this was unnecessary. I don’t mind the musk of a man – in all the places I would smell or taste it, which were to be many.

In short order, I did bend him over the bed. My tongue zeroed-in on his ass. I think most guys love getting their hole eaten. I love doing it on someone who has either never had it done, or at least never had it done with talent. If I may pat myself on the back, it is one of those talents I do have down. David found that out.

I’m a big fan of mixing up how it goes. I like putting my tongue flat against the hole. I like lapping at it either in long or very very short strokes. I like flicking my tongue. I love running it in circles around the hole – and even up and down the crack. Snaking it in and out of the hole is important, as is the tongue-fuck. Then there are the positions: him bent over, him on his back with his legs up and him sitting on my face. To me, it is almost vital that all of these things happen. It is time consuming to say the least, but when you’re going for the reaction and their pleasure – it is totally worth it.

I also leave them cleaner than they arrived. I’m a giver!

David had me hot since the phone call and he did not disappoint in person. I made him say what he wanted and while still being coy, he was a little more clear. His dick: My ass. Raw.

It was more that last part he skirted, as I think he wasn’t sure how I’d respond. He needn’t have worried. Not only do I love it skin-to-skin, I really wanted to feel all of him…and him alone.

David made sure I felt all of him. Every inch. Every ridge. Every thrust. The guy was a dynamo in bed - and clearly had had some practice. This is good. I know men who like the inexperienced, but I have no patience for that shit.

He would say over and over how hot I was, and again, while nice to hear, it made me feel more than self-conscious. I could say it back to him with no problem, because it was 100% true.

As we built up sweat, he said this was a good thing, as he hold his bf he was at the gym. The guy was definitely getting a work-out and so was I. We were all over the place and the room and in all different positions.

I have him (and he gave me) a good 90 minute work-out. It was a beautiful thing.

We finished with me on my belly and him pounding me from, obviously, above - on top of me. He wasn't being hateful as he pushed my head into the bed - just over zealous and in heat. He was muttering how he wanted me to take all of him. All, he said.

Yes, you guys can take that all sorts of ways - and so can I. I know what I'm doing when I do this with a guy. I knew what his hesitation could have meant when he wouldn't say exactly what he wanted. I knew what he could have meant when he said "all".

He was so into it and into me, I wanted him so badly. I begged him for it. He delivered. Big time. I could feel the man throb in me for what seemed like minutes. Maybe it was. He just laid on top of me, staying in me. All of him.

David could have easily got up, dressed and left - and I would have been just as satisfied. But he was insistent that I got off too - and he made sure of it with his fist. His manly hand clenched my dick and pumped and pumped till I spewed my seed all over me.

If he had been spent after his orgasm, I was that times 10. I had a full-grown hairy man on me for an hour making me sweat, while feeling his. And I'm not that passive of a bottom - we worked like a well oiled machine - except we used no oil - only spit. David didn't believe in any lube but spit. Totally HOT!

But he didn't just leave. I mean, we both knew he had to go, but he took his time dressing - and in between each article of clothing, we'd make out with a passion.

Naturally, it wasn't meant to be - in the bigger picture, but my next visit to town I know we'll do a repeat encounter.


cb said...

fucking HOT man. And I love the pics!!

Atlantagent said...

"in between each article of clothing, we'd make out with a passion."

Ya know, the graphic sex was incredible hot, but the above phrase was what really sent me over the top. Thanks.

pigboy said...

fuck, i cant wait to bottom again !!!


Hamser Dean said...

It goes like this... The last week I read your blog... Started from the very first... Great writting. The inside and upside and downside and whatever side of a true slut. You... Funny witty full of details not only of sexual acts but also of a human connection (or the lack of it)... And yes so true... A true slut do connects, even takes the 100% of the moment, no today no tomorrow, you, his cock, his ass his cock, your ass and more... the power exchange of human energy. Even love? Yes for this brief moment (or 90 minutes session) And then a bit of saddness... A bit of loneliness. Because we are that we are. We must let go... And hunt the next one... Anyway... keep the good work... And always shallow!!!