Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Anon Fuck - guest blogger

First entry from my guest blogger - who has yet to pick his Nom du Porn

While getting ready for work last week I was playing around on asspig. I was sending out some messages in the faint hope to get laid on my way to the office. Since I was going in late that day (about noon), I figured that the choices would be small. One guy responded at around 10 AM and said that he would be home from work shortly.

20 minutes later he messaged me to say that he was home and ready. I thought I’d cut to the chase. I messaged back telling him that I wanted to do an anonymous scene. I told him to leave the door unlocked; I’ll walk in, strip, bend over and take it: no words, never seeing his face. I was expecting him to start a stream of endless messages that would result in nothing. To my surprise, he replied with his address and phone number. I quickly finished getting dressed and was on my way.

20 minutes later when I arrived, I found the door to his building open. I went to the designated apartment and the door was indeed unlocked. I walked in and found someone sitting on the john in the bathroom directly in front of me. He was an average looking black guy who looked surprised to see me, which in strange since he was expecting me. The doors were unlocked, after all. He was busy talking on his cell phone so he motioned me to go inside. I went into the living room, stripped, and bent over the sofa.

A minute or two later he walked into the room. I heard a bottle of lube open as he applied some to his cock. I took a hit of poppers to prepare myself for what came next. Without a word he came up to me from behind and slid in. He wasn’t completely hard, but he managed to enter me in one rough motion. I guess it was good that he wasn’t rock hard because I would have seen stars while getting used to his cock. It felt great as he swelled up with each stroke until he was rock hard.

He fucked me for a good 15 minutes with what felt like 7 average inches, giving me long, deep strokes. I kept taking hits of poppers to deepen the experience. After a while he pulled out and walked over to the bedroom. He came back a minute later with a blanket and laid it on the floor. He then guided me off the sofa by holding on to my sides and pulling me on to the blanket. Except for when I first walked in, I have not seen his face. Still behind me, he bent me over and continued pounding my ass.

By now he was rock hard and riding me good. He told me to play with his balls, so I reached between my legs and fondled his sack. About 10 minutes later he softly groaned, “You want my load?” I immediately responded with “Yes sir”. A few minutes later I felt his balls tighten, signaling that he was about to cum. He made some guttural groans as he pumped his load deep in my ass.

When he finished he just pulled out, went into the bathroom and closed the door. I heard water running, so I gathered that he was cleaning up. Without saying a word, I got up, found my clothes, got dressed and walked out the door. When I got to my car I messaged him one word, “Thanks”. He replied, “Any time”.

Aside from finding him on the john, it was the perfect anonymous fuck.


Black Bull said...

Wow GB, that was a hot post. Loved that you kept it real about it not being completely Anon... for me, that simply authenticated the story and made it hotter. I look forward to your next post.

Anonymous said...

Hot stuff - I want more!