Monday, July 20, 2009

Trying Something New

I'm going to try an experiment over the next few weeks. I have no idea how it will turn out.

I have asked a fan of this blog to be a guest blogger. He hasn't blogged before and he has yet to adopt a nom du porn.

I know - a fan, right? But he and I had started exchanging emails a year or so ago and I've actually communicated with him more and more. He is funny, smart and claims to be my #1 Fan.

To be fair, he can quote my writing better than I can. He knows my conquests better than I do. When you write those last two lines it could sound stalker-ish, but honestly it's not like that all.

He submitted his first post to me yesterday for my approval and while I have some pointers, I really do not want to edit to the point of them sounding like me. My big pointer was to write what you want to read. He did find how much more difficult it was to write about sex than he imagined.

It's nice to have a 'told ya so' under your belt. : )

On the other hand, he called me this evening really kind of jazzed about doing this and thanked me for my pointers. But he is already drafting two or three other posts.

Hopefully this will help flesh out my blog until I get out of my dry spell. And if I succeed - he will be able to spin off this experiment into his own blog. .....not that I'm kicking him out of the nest before we go for the first round.

So tomorrow, I'll be publishing his first post. I have some of mine to go too - so you'll be seeing more activity here. Finally. ....but he's not like the Oliver coming into the final year of the Brady Bunch. This isn't the last gasp of a dying blog. Honest.

I'm psyched about him doing this. He's got great stories - he's made me hard, he's gotten me off. He's all man (and hung) - we have a lot in common, more than you can imagine. He's more versatile than I am.

I won't divulge who he is or from where he hails - so don't ask.

Enjoy them. Encourage him - if you see fit. Tomorrow.

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