Saturday, July 25, 2009

Return to the Warehouse

The other day I went back for round two of 'let's blow the married foreman in his warehouse office'.

I was all to eager to do it. Trust me - he was pretty enthused to have me come by too. And I am under no delusions that I am his only cocksucker - even though he called me 'my cocksucker'.

The set-up was similar. The warehouse staff was gone. I pulled up, buzzed in and walked to his office. Again, there he was, pantsless, and rock hard. All 7.5 or 8 inches of him.

Not a word was spoken and I dropped to my knees - and I was still in my suit and tie. I would have gone to lick his nuts first, but honest to god, I don't feel any. Seriously. I know they're there - or at least something down there produces the seed of life I crave so much.

The guys has a nice look - in that totally perverted way. To his staff, and upstanding guy in his work/golf shirt way. Greying hair, tanned and goes home every night to the wife and kids. But on the flip side, he doesn't seem like the kind of guy who'd even think twice before fucking the 16 year old babysitter or having a fag suck his dick dry. I can speculate on one of those things and verify the other.

And fuck my face he did. Yes, I started out on my knees and deep throated him. He liked me taking pics - and he liked seeing them. Most guys just don't care that I do it, nor do they usually care to see them - which I find a bit odd, but whatever. He got off on his own cock and that someone was servicing it. That made two of us.

I got it nice and wet, but not sloppily so. I liked his moans and the feel of his hands on the back of my head. But I always do. Even at its slightest, it can be construed as a form of dominance.

And while I wanted the dom side, I wanted a different position. We had talked about me being between him and a wall so he could really put it to me w/out anywhere for me to go, but we came up with a better plan: me on the couch with him standing on said couch feeding me from higher above. The angle of the picture is not really distorted, it is just how we were positioned. It worked well for both of us.

He could deep dick my mouth/throat and well.........well....I could take it.

The guy was hot on the trigger. For my entire stay there, I don't think I was in the office more than 15 minutes. He blew a very sizable load in my mouth. Strong tasting, but not really bitter. And I held it there - mainly for two reasons. With a full sized load in my mouth and at that angle, it was tough to swallow. But I wanted to savor it too.

He must have noticed I had not gulped. He goes, "did you swallow it?". His dick still in my mouth, I shook my head 'no'. He looked a bit disappointed. He withdrew and I took his sperm down into my belly.

"Now I did."

He turned around to get his pants. I got up and walked out. Not a word spoken between us about my leaving or him wanting me to.

I know I'll hear from him again.


Duo said...

HOT post, man!! Love the pix!! -Dan

cum.lover said...

Gr8 post, friend, & it's so cool to have the pics!